Guest blog: The ‘wrong shaped balls’ tour

Guest blog: The ‘wrong shaped balls’ tour

On Sunday evening, a photo of @azboden popped up on my timeline where right at that moment he was at the Mile High Stadium holding up a #MenUnited scarf – right now he is travelling across America, having visiting 26 stadiums so far which 5 more left to visit. He’s enjoying his journey whilst also raising money for prostate cancer. Read his story below:

The idea for my NFL trip came after I left Brazil at the end of an 8 month backpacking trip where I travelled from New York to Rio, ending at the World Cup (soccer). When I got back home, I just felt that I had another big adventure in me and with my three passions are music, travel and the NFL, so I figured why not combine all three. 

A few months before I set off on my trip, my good friend told me that he had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. The first thing I said to him when he told me was “You have the wrong shaped balls”, and this is where the name of the ‘tour’ was born. He also informed me that American are big supporters of the charity, so this where I got the idea to raise money for prostate cancer. At the end of my tour, I will be asking my followers to start putting their hands in their pockets to help support

At I write this, I’m in Denver having been to 26 stadiums. I head for St. Louis tomorrow and have just five regular season games left to go. I finish in San Francisco on week 17, and then a month later, I’m heading back for the Super Bowl – that’s if I can get a ticket!

It’s been an incredible adventure but so much harder than I ever thought. The best stadium I have been to is in Dallas, not just because I am a Cowboys fan but the stadium and the atmosphere was simply amazing. I also liked Indianapolis, New Orleans and Arizona. But most of the stadiums have been superb. I really liked Minneapolis and Cleveland, the latter because I visited the Pro Football and the Rock and Roll Hall’s of Fame. Motown museum in Detroit was also a highlight.

The best thing about my trip is meeting the crazy fans. I now have many friends who are “super fans” which mean they have been going for many years, and they are recognised by the fans pro football hall of fame. I have been tailgating with these guys for the past 10 weeks or so. 

There are so many highlights, from games I’ve been to and places I have seen. I was at the game Aaron Rodgers threw the Hail Mary in Detroit, I saw another Hail Mary caught in Houston, many exciting games that went down to the last play. I’ve been very lucky. I even got to watch a game with Shad Khan, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars in his private box – a huge highlight for me, and he is such a nice man. 

A massive highlight for me (as besides being an NFL fan, I’m a songwriter) was I recorded a song in both Nashville and Detroit, which were dreams come true for me. I’m also an Arsenal soccer fan, so I try to watch as many games as I can in the Arsenal America bars all across the US. These bars are where local American Arsenal fans congregate to watch the games together. So far I have done 10 different AA bars and Arsenal have never lost when I watch their games from these bars.

I also recorded a song in London just before I left London called “Like a Touchdown”, its the soundtrack to my tour and Im trying to get all 32 clubs to play it at their stadiums next year. I’m trying to get my followers to buy it from my website for a dollar, to help support me on my tour. Please listen to my music on

His story sounds incredible and the photos and videos are even better. You can follow D-Mo’s journey at his website where you will see the photos, videos and blogs he has written for each game. Enjoy!

Liz Bhandari

Liz has covered the NFL for five seasons, and currently serves as Managing Editor for Ninety-Nine Yards and for her own website, Since launching the website in 2014, she has made regular appearances on the TalkSport2 ‘All American Sports Show’ with Nat Coombs and in 2016 was ranked No.37 (of 400+) in the “Super Bowl: Top 50 UK Influencers” by marketing software producers Analytica for “igniting conversations” between fans.

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