The effect of the 2012 draft for the NFC had varying level of success in the NFC North, with the Vikings and Packers really able to establish themselves in the draft, which has led both teams to go on an rely on the solid starters they have been able to pick up

If you read my previous posts, you’ll have seen I did a piece on the Vikings and touched briefly on the 2012 draft class. As part of a series on NFLGirlUK I’m going to take a look at the class in more detail.

Detroit Lions

Players drafted: 6
Still in League: 3
Still with Team: 1

The 2012 draft was not a very successful one for the Lions. They only managed to sign three players that are still in the league (OT Reiff and LBs Whitehead & Lewis). Of those they’ve kept two, but Lewis moved to get more game time for a better team in the division (Vikings). This class was a nightmare for the Lions.

Reiff is a solid starter for them and had his 5th year option taken up. Whitehead signed with the Lions on a 8m/ 2 year deal which is not bad money for a Linebacker, and 7th round pick up Travis Lewis has just signed with the Vikings, having been a solid starter for the Lions in his time there.

Other than that it really is a case of move on for the Lions with this class.

Chicago Bears

Players drafted: 8
Still in League: 3
Still with Team: 1

The Bears had a better time of it, even though they had 2 less picks, they still have the same number of players that have made it in the League. Their only survivor on their roster is the recently Franchise-tagged Alshon Jeffrey. Other than that the two other players lurking in the league are Edge rusher Shea McClellin (signed for the Pats on a 9m/ 3year deal) and DB Isaiah Frey who recently signed with the Steelers, having played for the Bucs in 2014.

Green Bay Packers

Players drafted: 8
Still in League: 5
Still with Team: 2

The Packers had a mixed bag here. They picked up Nick Perry and Mike Daniels who still call Lambeau home. Mike Daniels has become a valuable player for the Packers while Nick Perry has to prove he can be the player they think he can become, and got the NFL famous “prove it deal”

Casey Hayward has moved onto the Chargers, which I think is because of the good level of play from Randall & Rollins last year meaning that Hayward wasn’t good value against the cap and so was allowed to leave.

The other players in the league Jerel Worthy (Bills) & Manning (Dolphins) have bounced around the league, with injury blighting their development.


Players drafted: 10
Still in League: 8
Still with Team: 6

Home run, hole in one. The Vikings really smashed it in this draft, as I noted in my previous write up of the Vikings. They picked up 3 pro-bowlers in this draft in Matt Kalil, Harrison Smith (who have both had their 5th year options taken up) and Blair Walsh who was re-signed in 2015 to a 14m/ 4year deal which made him on of the best paid players in his position.

They also retained WR Jarius Wright who was signed in 2015 to a 14.8m/ 4 year deal which is solid money for a WR in the league. They also gave prove it deals FB/ TE Rhett Ellison and Safety Robert Blanton.

The saw Josh Robinson move out of the frozen tundra this offseason, moving to the warmer climate of Tampa.

In fact the two players that haven’t made it in the league are WR Greg Childs, who suffered an injury and was never the same player, being released from the CFL in 2014 and late 7th round selection Trever Guyton who was released that same year and now plays in the CFL.

All in all this was a large building block for the team.

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