Gronkowski announced as the cover of EA’s Madden 17

Gronkowski announced as the cover of EA’s Madden 17

The new cover of Madden was released last week, with EA moving away from their normal cover vote and chose the popular figure on one of the most dominant Tight Ends to have ever played the game in Gronkowski.

I for one wasn’t expecting him to be chosen for the cover- I had hoped for SuperBowl MVP Von Miller or the great Texan JJ Watt, but fully expected it to be QB Cam Newton.

But moving away for the cover I’m excited for the release of Madden 17. I love Madden, as with a lot of people I’m sure that was a main source of exposure to the NFL. While we don’t know that much thus far the things we do know at this early stop of the hype train are;

Offense Improvements

EA are looking at the moves that players are able to make- depending on their attributes, ratings and speed, so now with that smaller running back who is more of a catching back you can’t just hit the stick and smash back a huge player like JJ on the line (hopefully)

The other side of that being that no longer can you expect your bruising running back to become almost like a Wide Receiver on a wheel route.

That to me is a huge improvement on last year, as on defence you are going to better understand the play of the other guy and be able to react to the personnel they have chosen.

Defense Improvements

If you believe the news that we have had out of EA, they’ve made improvements to the AI System, bringing it up to date with NFL Strategies- so expect to be able to confuse your opponent with different looks on defence to keep them switching up plays a lot more than before.

Special Teams Improvements

There has been more of a look at Special Teams to make it a more realistic aspect of the game, there is going to be a new kick meter to increase the challenge of the kicking game, as well as the ability to crank the pressure up on a kicker on those game-clinching kicks.

Franchise mode

While MUT gets a lot of attention after release date, it seems as thought Madden Franchise mode, which is still massively popular is going to get an overhaul. While the details of this aren’t fully clear yet I have to say I’m excited for any changes to the mode.

As more information comes out about the game I’ll keep you guys posted, so be sure to check back.

Richard King

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