Beginners Guide to Fantasy Football – Part Two

Beginners Guide to Fantasy Football – Part Two

In yesterday’s Part One, we looked at the pre-draft process. Today we look at what to do on the day of your draft.

Firstly, check the date and time
Sounds obvious, but I cannot begin to tell you how many people I’ve heard miss their draft completely because they’ve got the date wrong… OK it’s about six, not including one who turned up an hour in. Of course, you are free to auto draft and see what you get left with, but for me this smacks a bit like turning up at someone else’s house and eating THEIR dinner. The draft is one of the most enjoyable experiences of the fantasy season, and if you can attend it, you should.

Check your computer can actually draft
With most host websites allowing drafting on a mobile device these days, these advice isn’t quite as relevant as it once was. However, don’t leave anything to chance/

Have a plan, but be pragmatic (study the room)
So, you’ve done your research, you’ve ranked your players, you’ve listened to all the experts tell you how deep the QB/WR/K crop is this year, and you’re determined not to take a QB until you’ve stocked up on runners and receivers. There you sit, at pick 10, and the first nine players your friends have taken are ALL QBs. But you’ve got your strategy… to be polite, stuff your strategy. Be aware of trends within your draft, and act accordingly. Because people are all different, they all have different strategies. Adapt and survive… or risk having Blaine Gabbert as your QB.

Make use of the chat/banter
Most drafts have a chat option, and I highly recommend using it during (and also in the immediate build up) your draft. The draft is a good time to catch up with people you’ve not spoken to for a while. But keep abuse to an absolute minimum, if at all. No one wants to be ignored from next years draft because he’s an abusive moron… I assume.

Have Fun

Playing fantasy sports is one of the most enjoyable side products of following any major sport. If you aren’t going to enjoy it, don’t play it. Your half baked attitude will only spoil it for everyone else. Throw yourself in with full enthusiasm, and always play to win. Especially on draft day. Don’t turn up, draft a kicker first overall and then go to auto draft. No one will ever love you.


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One thought on “Beginners Guide to Fantasy Football – Part Two

  1. I have no time to get involved with chat as I am busy ticking players off my ranking sheets and re-adjusting strategy depending if there is a run on players/a team is in auto draft mode or all my targets are flying off the board. You guys should run some leagues like Scott Fishbowl 🙂

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