Following on from Part One: Madden 17 CFM News – Play the moments and game planning on the news from EA on the changes they have made to Madden CFM we now look at the larger scale changes that have been made to the mode.


It looks as EA have really taken a more in depth look at what goes on in a season and the decisions that are made throughout the season. Now I warn you there is a lot of things we are going to get into, so if you need to go and get a cup of tea or a snack go now…..

…..Ok great, you are back, let’s start then.

season goalSeason Goal- this is awesome in my eyes, at the start of the season you can set your stool out and decide what you want to push your team to go and get. The harder the goal, the more XP you earn BUT if you go too big then you could end up being fired. So if you are rebuilding your team, don’t think I’ll say I’m going to push for the playoffs if you aren’t close, as the only thing getting the push will be you! I’ve not seen a lot of information on this- but I like the addition on the face of it. Expectations are a huge part of being in the NFL and anything that moves towards making this more prevalent in the game is going to be good. I’d be interested to see if this takes into account injuries during the season, so if I’m the Packers (which I almost certainly will be) Rodgers at QB means playoffs. Hundley though? I’m not sure on the playoffs… see what I mean?

Injuries- injuries happen, I’ve wanted them to be morinjurye realistic to the NFL for quite a while and it seems that the guys at EA have listened and have looked to make the impact of injuries more realistic, and also put you in the seat of making decisions on when a player returns to the lineup. Once a player has been cleared now, you are going to be faced with the decision of putting him straight back into the action, the injury will have some impact on his playing ability as well as the risk of a re-injury or you can opt to choose one of the backup players and get them some development time. Tough decisions aplenty if you are one game away from the playoffs

team needsAcquisitions- this addition is one of those that I’d put into the category of good addition I hadn’t really thought of before. I’m a roster guy, so I always looked at how to improve my roster with free agency pickups. Now when you are looking at the free agents screen you will see a comparison to the players that are currently in your depth chart in that position and be able to compare the players that are currently on your roster and decide who you want to sign.contracts

Re-signing- from what I’ve seen this is just tidying up and adding a new screen to the resigning screen, which if I’m honest is a disappointment. Managing the cap is one of the biggest things in the NFL, screw it up and you can end up like the Saints and have 3 players taking the majority of the cap, manage it right and you can create a dynasty ala those boys up in New England. The news on this is that they’ve made a screen that shows relevant information (backup and requested contract) the better a player the earlier you can sign him in the season. One thing that is pretty cool is that if you re-sign a player then it is mentioned in game.

Spending XP- I like the new overviews so you can see what XP you have earned spending xpafter each game. You can see how its split on across positions and see what upgrades are available. That’s what they’ve announced- but I really hope they reworked how much upgrades cost and how much is gained by doing games etc. Unless you played online and tweaked the XP sliders, your players are just not going to develop. Unless you break NFL records constantly.

player cutCutting Players- I like the new screen here, while there isn’t anything that has actually been added here (I suppose because all you do is cut a player from your roster) the new screen makes it easier to see what players are like on a side by side comparison, as well as letting you know how many players in that position group have a contract that is to expire, and the computer now gives you suggestions for cuts (including reasons)

Free Agent Bidding- you afree agentsre going to be able to see your depth chart while you are looking at the players to bid for, while getting better feedback from the player as to how they view your contract compared to other offers they received. Also if there is a big name then they are signing somewhere quickly, as with real life which I really like. Allows you to go for the big fish, and if it doesn’t work out lets you know quickly enough you can go for the next tier of players.


I’ll leave you to take all of that in. Let me know what you think by commenting below or find me on Twitter @dvdaldo. My next part will look at the community requests that got taken up into the game.


  1. Hi,
    First off this is the best Madden CFM review segment I’ve read. You broke down everything I wanted to know. I would like to see an article showing mock CFM fantasy drafts, also a list of all the “superstar” development rated players.

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