Right, so here we are again – more CFM news to talk about. I’ve written about the Game Planning, I’ve written about the BIG DECISIONS (feel you always have to put that in caps) now its the things that you the community requested (some of these have been on the list for ages….) If you have missed any of my posts before; click here to read part one on game planning or to view part two’s “Big decisions”, click here.

Around the League Score Ticker- this is minor while at the same time being quite major. If you are playing to make thescore ticker playoffs then you’ll get score updates from teams in the league, so if you playoff rival has just gone 2 TDs up- it might be time to throw long and get some scores on the board. I really like the addition, its quite basic and from what I’ve seen its not massively in your face but gives you alot of information at the same time. If you don’t like it- you can turn it off. Fantastic.

player cardImproved player cards- EA introduced the player cards last year, and I was a fan. Not everyone was I know, but personally I liked. EA have improved the information that you have on them now, so you’ll see comparisons to the other players in the league at their position. There is also plans to see the progression history of the player too- not really overly sure why that’s useful but once I’ve seen I’m sure I’ll love it.


Regression- might not be sexy, but it is a part of the game old players skills do slip and previous Madden games had these slipping really quickly for some players which was totally unrealistic. The new model is (apparantly) closer to the regression that is seen in real players AND whats more is there is now a screen that’s been made so you can see how your players stats have changed.

player editing

Player edit- this is where things have really improved. No longer will your rookie WR look bald and then have dreads in game (or if he does you can edit him to match his picture) but you can also edit a players contract to add years to their deal. You can edit your players stats (so maybe Tim Tebow will become the elite QB we all know he can be). I should say they have said that editing a player in a cloud league will show up on the transaction log, so if you massively change your players stats people will know.practice squad

Practice squad- I cannot tell you have long people have asked for Practice squads, EA have finally listened and implemented them, so now after week 4 of preseason you don’t have to release that rookie that you drafted in the 5th round just yet. You can let him develop in your practice squad. You can poach players from other practice squads too, which means you can keep an eye on how another teams squad is doing and then decide to steal one of their players for your team.

developmentDynamic Development Trait- EA are making the development trait actually mean more than how quick you earn XP, its going to effectively determine how long a player is ‘good’ and also how high they will get in the game. BUT you don’t have to save all your XP to buy the upgrade as you did in previous versions, you can play to win it. What this means in practice is that you can increase your players development trait by playing well with the player (getting awards etc) but if a player misses their season goal then they can slip down a trait, making the ability of the players match what they are doing on the field.

So thats all of the news thus far, I hope you enjoyed it and that you are as excited about the changes they have made as much as I am. Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

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