Jared Goff has to be NFL ready to start for the Rams

Jared Goff has to be NFL ready to start for the Rams

The LA Rams traded their house to acquire Jared Goff with the number 1 pick of the 2016 draft. And many assumed that come Week 1 against the 49ers, Goff would line up under centre. However, news from mini camp and OTAs was that Goff was struggling with adapting to the NFL.
“Jared Goff is nowhere near being ready to start Week 1,” Steve Wyche said on NFL Network. “He’s only had offseason workout practices, but he’s swimming in it. … Training camp is vital for him.”

There are some that feel that there isn’t much to worry about, he will be ready for the start of the season and that even if he isn’t, he should be plugged in.

However, such is the nature of the NFL, and the investment made in this pick, that it would be irresponsible to risk the future of the franchise to appease their fans and the media.

LA need this pick to work for the long-term. There is no point rushing him out under the lights and watching NFL defences tear him apart. The NFC West is a brutal division. The Cardinals boast a mean defence and the Legion of Boom are the Legion of Boom.

They will blitz him like crazy and make his life a living nightmare.

Best case scenario he takes a little knock to his confidence and is able to shake it off.

However, should he pick up an injury because he panics and holds onto the ball, when an NFL ready QB throws it away, or his confidence takes such a knock that he fails to recover and the Rams are left trying to find another quarterback a year later.

Wyche did go on to say that: I spoke to one team official that said they are looking forward to seeing him in pads and preseason games because his ability to improvise are some some of his strengths. But do not be surprised — I know the expectation is for him to start Week 1 — but don’t be shocked if Case Keenum is the starter, because, again, Jared Goff has a long way to go.”
imgresThe Rams have a relatively simple offence, a lot of bubble screens to Tavon Austin and pounding the rock with Todd Gurley. While Goff can run that offence, the franchise has a QB in Case Keenum (pictured) who can give their new addition a few more weeks to be ready.

In an ideal situation, the Rams would redshirt Goff and play him when he is totally ready, like the Packers did with Aaron Rodgers.

But Rodgers took over from Brett Favre, Goff isn’t stepping into such a perfect situation.

That doesn’t mean though that he has to start week one. The Jaguars and Raiders knew that Blake Bortles and Derek Carr respectively would eventually be their started but started them on the bench.

Now both teams threw in their rookies due to awful QB play but those extra weeks were crucial. And look where Bortles and Carr are now.

If come August 13 Goff doesn’t look capable of being the Rams starter, Jeff Fisher should make the brave decision and keep his future star on the bench.

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