I Should Be So Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Lucky

I Should Be So Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Lucky

If Andrew Luck had any idea who my favourite antipodean female singer was then he may have had this song in his head as he signed the richest contract in NFL history.

$140,000,000 over six years, $87,000,000 guaranteed $23,333,333 per year! Astronomical numbers I know, although, as a comparison, that is ‘only’ $1.2M more per year than Joe Flacco earns in Baltimore. I mean, the guy was already looking forward to his trip to London this year with a falling pound…

When you consider the fact that Luck may well hit free agency at the age of 32 (if he sees out the next 6 years at Indianapolis and remains healthy) then he may well have another future bumper pay day to look forward to. ‘Suck for Luck’ may well have been the imaginative title for the race to the bottom of the NFL in 2011 for the right to pick the former Stanford QB first overall in the 2012 Draft but its ‘Dandy for Andy’ after this record breaking deal.

Luck has, up until last season, been a stand-out performer for the Colts with three successive 11-5 seasons each resulting in a play-off place. In each year of the play-offs, Luck managed to take his team one stage further than the previous from losing the Wild Card game in 2012 (against a Ray Lewis inspired Ravens), losing the Divisional game in 2013 (against an unstoppable LeGarette Blount) and a deflating loss in the Championship game in 2014 (against, you know who), Luck’s run was expected to continue in season 2015 when the Colts were being touted as a possible AFC Super Bowl representative.

Unfortunately, a loss of form possibly caused by a shoulder injury, resulted in Luck missing the first games of his professional career. This shoulder injury would prove to be relatively minor in comparison to the lacerated kidney (ouch) and partially torn abdominal muscle he suffered in a win over the, soon to be Super Bowl champions, Denver Broncos. Originally ruled out for between 2-6 weeks, Luck never played again in 2015 as the Colts failed to make the play-offs for the first time since his arrival.

A record breaker ever since his rookie year (Franchise and NFL ones) Luck will be hoping to get back to full strength for the 2016 season as an improving Titans outfit, a Texans team (2015 Division Champions) with a much improved offense and, pretty much everyone’s 2016 sleeper team, the Jags will all be competing for the AFC South crown.

I won’t get embroiled in a ‘is he worth it’ argument as in the real world, no one is worth that kind of money, however, in the NFL, as in most major sports, a player is only worth what a team is willing to pay. The Colts certainly appear to think so as they have nailed their colours to Luck’s mast that he can take them to the Promised Land.

With their franchise QB locked up throughout his prime years, the future success of the Colts will rest on the often strained relationship between the Owner, General Manager and Coach but one thing is for certain, for the foreseeable future, they will all have Luck on their side.

Stuart is a big NFL fan who loves the roller coaster of emotions that comes with being a Buccaneers fan. When he isn’t watching the NFL he is busy daydreaming about spending the rest of his days on Clearwater Beach with a Tampa Bay Cheerleader. P.S. Don’t tell his wife that. Stuart can be followed on Twitter @stuarty1973.

Stuart Anderson

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