NFC North Predictions – Chicago Bears

As part of a series of posts, I’ve looked at each of the games that the teams in the NFC North are going to be playing this season, then each week of the regular season in my prediction of the results for the week to come I’ll revisit these. Hopefully I get lauded as a predictive wizard come the end of the season!

The Bears may be in a period of transition, but with the talent they have on their roster, I can see them picking up some wins- I actually think they might get to be an 8 win team this year, but from my predictions I’ve actually got them just under that.

Week 1: @ Texans.
Prediction: LOSE
Week 1 takes them to Houston to take on the newly forged offense. I’m believing that the improvement in the running back and quarterback in Houston combined with that mean defence leads the Bears to be 0-1.

Week 2: Eagles
Prediction: WIN
Sam Bradford and the Eagles are going to get pounded on, I just think the improvements that Chicago have made on defence are going to get the better of the Eagles offence that isn’t rated to be one of the better ones in the league

Week 3: @ Cowboys
Prediction: LOSE
This is going to get ugly- I can’t see the Bears being in this game, and fully expect a blow out. Behind that OL Elliott is going to be bossing it, and with Romo and Dez too I can’t see Bears coming away with a Win.

Week 4: Lions
Prediction: WIN
After the week before I think the Bears will then rip the Lions the next week- I can’t see any positives with the Lions at the moment, that might change but at the moment they have one of the worst rosters in the NFL

Week 5: @ Colts
Prediction: LOSE
Going up against Andrew Luck and an improved OL will be too much for the Bears. But this could easily be one of the games that I am wrong about, as I can’t see it being a huge margin.

Week 6: Jaguars
Prediction: WIN
Home field advantage is the reason I have the Bears winning here- the Jags look like they are much improved, improving their defence and adding to their already high scoring (yes I know garbage time) offense

Week 7: @ Packers
Prediction: LOSE
Lambeau field, Aaron Rodgers- need I say more?

Week 8: Vikings
Prediction: LOSE
The Vikings are a solid team that will be pushing for the playoffs, I expect them to beat the Bears

Week 9: BYE WEEK
Week 10: @ Bucs
Prediction: LOSE
Week 11: @ Giants
Prediction: LOSE
Both of these I could be wrong about- they are going to be close, the Bucs have a good QB in Winston and have some solid pieces on defence. Same with the Giants, OBJ will cause the Bears some matchup issues and the DL of the Giants is going to give them some problems. The only reason I have these both as losses is that they are away, but I could totally see the Bears winning one or both of these

Week 12: Titans
Prediction: WIN
Its going to be a short list as to who doesn’t beat the Titans I think- Bears to win

Week 13: 49ers
Prediction: WIN
At this moment in time the QB options in San Fran aren’t great, that combined with the fact this is in the Windy City I can only see the Bears coming out of this with the win

Week 14: @ Lions
Prediction: WIN
As I’ve said before the Lions are going to be one of the worst teams in the league this year, I can’t see the Lions winning, so pick up the W.

Week 15: Packers
Prediction: LOSE
I think the Packers and Vikings are going to be making it to the playoffs comfortably, Packers to win here.

Week 16: Redskins
Prediction: LOSE
Redskins are a difficult team to predict, they had a serviceable QB in Cousins last year, combine that with the pick up in the off season of Josh Norman, and if Reed stays healthy I think they edge it.

Week 17: Vikings
Prediction: LOSE
I think the Packers and Vikings are going to be making it to the playoffs comfortably, Vikings to end their season with a nice divisional win

Richard King

Cheesehead who away from NFL loves rugby, (Bath), and as I haven’t grown up I still build Lego! You can follow me on Twitter @excelgeek which is also my Xbox Gamertag if you want to challenge me at Madden

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