NFC North Predictions – Minnesota Vikings

NFC North Predictions – Minnesota Vikings

As part of a series of posts, I’ve looked at each of the games that the teams in the NFC North are going to be playing this season, then each week of the regular season in my prediction of the results for the week to come I’ll revisit these. Hopefully I get lauded as a predictive wizard come the end of the season!

Week 1: @Titans
Prediction: WIN
Titans are not a good team, and the Vikings are. Vikings to start the season with a win

Week 2: Packers
Prediction: WIN
This is going to be tight and the games with the Packers are going to decide who wins the division, I can’t really choose too much between them- home advantage given to both.

Week 3: @Panthers
Prediction: LOSE
The SuperBowl runner ups are a great team, and short of losing Norman at Corner haven’t been weakened too much since last year

Week 4: Giants
Prediction: WIN
The Vikings at home against a team that showed inconsistency last year

Week 5: Texans
Prediction: WIN
Home advantage against a team that I think are much improved, but I think the Vikings defence can put a stop to their attack and the Vikings will keep the Texans guessing by switching between the run and passes deep

Week 6: BYE WEEK

Week 7: @Eagles
Prediction: WIN
Sam Bradford at QB against a tough D? Chalk it up to the Vikings, especially after a bye week to rest slight injuries

Week 8: @Bears
Prediction: WIN
The Bears are improved but I still think the Vikings are going to be too strong for them

Week 9: Lions
Prediction: WIN
Lions are not going to be in the game- large margin win

Week 10: @Redskins 
Prediction: WIN
I think Barr will cover the ‘skins Tight End, which means Cousins might be found out for his pocket presence

Week 11: Cardinals
Prediction: LOSE
The Cardinals are one of the strongest teams in the NFL, let alone the NFC. I think it might be tight but I have the Cards leaving with the win here

Week 12: @Lions
Prediction: WIN
Again- I can’t see any positives on the Lions roster

Week 13: Cowboys
Prediction: WIN
Cowboys are a tough team, but the Vikings should be able to put a stop to the run game- or at least limit it. In which case they have a strong foundation to stop the Cowboys game plan

Week 14: @Jaguars
Prediction: WIN
I think that the Jags are much improved, and their defence may make things difficult for the Vikings, but ultimately the Vikings will be too strong

Week 15: Colts
Prediction: LOSE
Luck returning to his best is assumed, if that happens I can see the Vikings struggling due to the threat of Luck’s arm and the receivers he has available

Week 16: @Packers
Prediction: LOSE
Home field advantage for two teams that are quite even at the moment

Week 17: Bears
Prediction: WIN
Last game of the season, sign off in style with a win over a division rival

Richard King

Cheesehead who away from NFL loves rugby, (Bath), and as I haven’t grown up I still build Lego! You can follow me on Twitter @excelgeek which is also my Xbox Gamertag if you want to challenge me at Madden

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