Jaguars Denard Robinson on a London franchise being “a great idea”.

Jaguars Denard Robinson on a London franchise being “a great idea”.

On Wednesday as part of the Summer Bowl 2016 held at King’s House Sports Ground in Chiswick, we had the opportunity of meeting and speaking to Jacksonville Jaguars running back, Denard Robinson. Denard spoke to us on a number of topics including the advantages of having Blake Bortles, Jaguars being the adopted team of the UK, and on being the last player to grace the cover of NCAA Football.


Kadeem: The Jags are seen as the unofficial team of the UK, how does that make you feel?

Denard: I like it, I like the feeling. I think now we come here we are the home team and we get an advantage. When we play at Wembley, hopefully the crowd get on our side and they can be cheering for us and get loud when Andrew Luck is on the field.

Kadeem: So you do see it as advantage, playing here once a year?

Denard: Definitely. I think when the fans start rooting for us and cheering for us, Andrew Luck can’t call plays like he wants to and that will be better for us.

Kadeem: How did you find the transition from college quarterback to NFL running back?

Denard: It was tough at first but once I started getting around Maurice Jones-Drew and the coaching staff, they started helping me get smoother with, understanding and comprehending the position.

Kadeem: Having a young QB like Blake Bortles, how does that help the team?

Denard: I think it helps the team as it will help us grow in general. He’s our leader so we have to follow him. As we see him grow from year one to two and now three, he’s going to take some major steps this year I think.

Kadeem: There are a lot of kids here today, what do you think would be the easiest position for a kid from the UK to play?

Denard: A good position? I think a receiver or a … actually I think any position. I see some big guys, I see some small ones. I’ve seen some guys that are quick, some that are fast and in football you can use all of those attributes.

There is a lot of talk about a UK franchise, do you feel that is a good idea?

Denard: I think so, I mean why not?

Kadeem: Obviously, you have the time difference between the States and the UK, people travelling for games and then trying to get players to move over here on a permanent basis.

Denard: I mean, they will have to pay us a bit more to move over here *laughing* but I think it would be a great idea. It would actually be an advantage for the team from London so it would be fun to see what happens.

Kadeem: You were on the cover of NCAA Football 14 but that game has stopped now. Would you like to see it return or just have Madden?

Denard: Err, everyone loved playing NCAA so I wouldn’t say no so if they can work it out then they should do it. But I like the feeling of being the last guy on NCAA!


It was an absolute pleasure to speak to Denard Robinson and I’d like to take the time to thank him for talking to us and being so open and honest when being asked these questions. Thanks once again to the NFL UK  team for inviting us to their media day.


Pics: Roger Goodgroves

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