Mega deals and big money

Mega deals and big money

Are these mega deals actually that mega? On the face of it, you see the number and just think that is a CRAZY amount of money, but really in this world is the amount of money that a star like Miller, or Luck or whoever signs the new ‘mega’ deal is it actually as high as it seems?

I’m no expert in other American sports really, but on the Around the NFL podcast they said that the top NFL players are not earning the same as mid ranking baseball players. *That* seems crazy. The thing that the NFL has is that it is the only game in town, you want to play American Football then it’s the NFL or obscurity. That’s your choice. In the somewhat more open market of Football where you have the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona etc there is competition for wages. That’s not even taking into account the emerging leagues of mega money in China!

So I looked at the rumoured wages of some mega stars (well- by that I mean players that are likely known world wide) and each of those guys I converted their earnings in dollars, and that is essentially the GUARANTEED money, score a goal or something you are earning more that this. So without further ado;

Wayne Rooney (weekly wage £250k – converts to $17.2m)
Gareth Bale (weekly wage €300k – converts to $17.6m)
Lionel Messi (weekly wage €625k – converts to $34.4m)
Cristiano Ronaldo (weekly wage €730k – converts to 39.6m)

That is for a sport that doesn’t pull in over 10 billion dollars across 32 teams, the Premier League in England earns around 5 billion- and shares that amongst all its teams. Yes they have less players to play in their squad that the roster of an NFL team, but maybe the next time you see a mega deal signed you’ll see that the money isn’t actually as mega as it may seem.

That being said I only earn a fraction of that amount…..maybe they are mega after all!

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