NFLGirlUK’s podcast recommendations

NFLGirlUK’s podcast recommendations

We all know the offseason is long. In fact, I think I’ve started one of my previous pieces with the line “the offseason is long, very long.” In a bid to fill the void of no NFL action, items like the top 100 pop up every year, we’ve got OTA’s to decide which hot-takes are worthy of our attention and endless ongoing contract extension sagas. All is not lost however, as there is a plethora of NFL podcasts to help get you through your working day.

The world of podcasts can be a tough one to crack, the choice is vast and the opinions are many. I’ve pooled some of my favourites, why not check them out if you’re looking for some pigskin audio!

Around the NFL — NFL Media

A room filled with heroes, beloved by many and beholden to no-one (except the odd shadowy league figure). ATN features writers Dan Hanzus (the host), Gregg Rosenthal (the Boss), Marc Sessler (the Quiet Storm) and Chris Wesseling (the Mailman). Not forgetting Connor Orr, Kevin Patra, Colleen Wolfe and Lindsay Rhodes.

ATN has the perfect mix of news, critical analysis and nonsense. What makes it my favourite NFL Podcast is that you really feel like you’re just hanging with your friends, chatting about football.

Whether it’s the regular features of their pre-season making the leap candidates or the frankly ridiculous scenarios talked through in ‘¿Cual es tu fantasia?’ and ‘Orr you kidding me?!’, the dynamic between the gang is perfect and all the contributors bring something different. It’s what keeps me coming back three times a week.

A quick shout out to Sessler’s 50 ways to describe the 2014 Dallas Cowboys defense — I’ll credit it with improving my vocabulary tenfold.

The Dave Dameshek Football Program — NFL Media

Dave Dameshek. The Man, the myth, the enigma. A lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan, he might get criticism for being a homer but he’s usually bang on when it comes to his own team. The pod regularly features Dave and British born Henry ‘Handsome Hank’ Hodgson, as they look at the world of football and the game called life.

When it comes to hard hitting analysis, you might not get it here — but you will get tongue in cheek interviews with NFL players, answering the questions that no one asked such as “what is the best colour of food,” or holding his annual Pie making competition.

They’ve held a Game of Thrones draft and debated the best fictional football players. Though my personal favourite is when he asked Pete Carroll “is this a must win game?,” ahead of Super Bowl 48…

He’s also made a mortal enemy of Peyton Manning. Not bad Shek, not bad.

Move the Sticks — NFL Media

Move the Sticks is brought to you by former NFL scouts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks. Jeremiah worked for the Eagles, Browns and Ravens as a scout after starting as a college Quarterback for three years for Appalachian State, while Brooks played in the NFL for five different teams over five NFL seasons and then scouted for both the Seahawks and Panthers.

Move the Sticks breaks down the latest news and action from the league, whilst providing some insight from a scout’s perspective, giving you a behind the scenes view on how players are evaluated with NFL organisations.

Prior to the NFL Rookie draft this podcast is excellent for exactly this reason. Personal highlights for me include the two ‘360’ episodes they did on Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota respectively, prior to the 2015 draft. It really gave you an idea of the crazy levels NFL scouts will go to investigate a potential number one pick and I’m not just talking about their throwing mechanics.

Gridiron — Gridiron Magazine

Brought to you by the guys who produce ‘the UK’s only NFL magazine,’ Gridiron podcast is presented by Will Gavin of talkSPORT. Gridiron gets some great access as far as NFL UK goes, with recent interviews including Alistair Kirkwood (head of NFL UK), not to mention regular player interviews throughout the season — Victor Cruz and DeAngelo Hall popped by recently during their recent UK tour.

If you want a podcast that’s got some great interview content, analysis of all the games, not to mention all angled from the NFL UK perspective — give Gridiron a look. NFLGIRLUK’s fantasy writer Neil Dutton has co-hosted a few times and our very own ‘NFLGIRLUK’ was on there fairly recently too!

Inside the Huddle — Sky Sports/NFL UK

Those of you who watch Sky Sports coverage of the NFL should know all about this one. Hosted by Neil Reynolds and fan favourite Jeff Reinebold (ST Coordinator Hamilton Tiger-Cats), they look at everything NFL throughout the regular, post and off season.

Fans enjoy Jeff on a Sunday during the season for the analysis he provides to the x’s and o’s of the NFL and it continues over to the podcast world (though without the interactive TV visual medium, obviously).

Americarnage — Me:Mo Interactive

Now, you’ll have to forgive me here. As this one isn’t strictly just NFL. The Americarnage team (Nat Coombs, Mike Carlson, Dan Louw and Harry the producer) look at all American sports, or as they put it “Sports, Culture, Nonsense.” Fans will know Nat and Mike from UK NFL coverage on both the BBC and Channel 4.

The NFL coverage here manages to be both in depth and light at the same time — “The Adventures of Quarter Bot” the story of the 3rd string Packers Quarter Back (who’s also a robot) spring to mind.

While they cover the NBA, NHL and MLB too, you might also get a film or TV show review out of their opening segment ‘3 points,’ where the guys will speak about something they’ve seen or heard recently from out with the world of sport.

“If Sarah Palin, Dennis Rodman and Fozzie Bear did a morning sports radio show, it would sound like this.” Take from that what you will.

NFL Fantasy ‘n Insight with The Aussie Guys

Do you like the Australian accent? If you do great- if you don’t then listen to it anyway. Great guests on the podcast, giving new voices and their views on the great stories in the NFL, I have to say their preview series this offseason will entertain, inform and fill your time with takes from various sources.

Tim and Tom NFL

I’ve only recently started listening to this one- but I like it. Just sounds to me as though its 2 blokes that kind of start talking about NFL and totally forget that they are recording something (and I mean that in a good way) if you like chatting in the pub with your mates, but you are stuck at work- put this one on and you’ll almost taste that first pint.

Waxing Lyrical with Mainz and Dutts

Starting back in 2012, “Waxing Lyrical with Mainz and Dutts” began life as a general sport and pop culture pod between Paul “Mainz” Mainwaring and Neil “Dutts” Dutton. Over time, it has become more NFL centric, with the lads regularly chatting with the likes of Adam Rank, Ross Tucker, Matt Harmon and Marcas Grant, as well as all the Around the NFL heroes. After placing the pod on hiatus in 2014, it resumed this year with all the same great chat and insight. Whether it’s chatting about upcoming games, analysing fantasy implications of star players, or discussing weird news stories from across the globe, if you like listening to the NFL being discussed in melodious scouse accents, Waxing Lyrical is the podcast for you.


Is there any podcasts that you believe should be on this list? Let us know in the comment section below

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