The ugliest uniforms in NFL

The ugliest uniforms in NFL

The NFL off-season is always a good time to not only look forward to a new season but to have a look back also. With that in mind, we look at the ten worst uniforms in the NFL from past to present.

There are some perfectly acceptable uniforms on this list but when they are paired with alternate colours start to go wrong. In fact, there is one Franchise on this list who have actually no right being on this list at all but that’s due basically to what they could have.

There is no allowance for any Colour Rush jerseys which have only been used for a handful of teams – which is probably good news for the Jaguars all-gold outfit as that would have definitely been number 1 in the worst outfits ever.

Atlanta Falcons – Current Home and Away

Photo copyright Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are blessed with a fantastic colour scheme. You couldn’t ask for better than red, white and black (perhaps eclipsed by red, white and blue). Unfortunately for the Falcons, they just never seem able to come up with a classic look for their uniforms. Whether it’s the red top/white pants, white top/white pants, the uniforms always looks just too complicated.

To get an idea of how good the Falcons could look, just have a search for their red helmet/black jersey/white pant uniforms. Classic.



Baltimore Ravens – Gold Pants 

Photo copyright Baltimore Ravens

I actually like the Ravens’ colours. My favourite combination being the purple tops with the black pants.

However what the Ravens did in a home game against the Kansas City Chiefs in December 2015 was unthinkable. The Ravens took the incredible decision to match the rather fetching purple jersey with gold pants. Yes you have read that correctly, gold pants. Now some teams can carry the ‘gold pant’ look off, however, when you have a purple jersey it is impossible to carry off gold pants. Impossible.



Cleveland Browns – All Brown

Photo copyright Cleveland Browns


The number of combinations the Browns enjoy with their three-jersey-colours-three-pant-colours is pretty impressive. What isn’t impressive is the all Brown ensemble. Could you imagine if legendary running back Jim Brown still played for the Browns whilst wearing the all brown uniform with Brown on the back and Browns up the leg! Too. Much. Brown. Browns.

P.S. Ok, Jim Brown is now 80 and the possibility of him being a workhorse in the backfield is difficult to imagine although I’d probably still bring him in on 3rd and short situations.



Denver Broncos – 2009 Throwback

October 11 2009: Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton (8) passes the ball. The Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots by a score of 20 to 17 at Invesco Field at Mile High, Denver, Colorado.

Who would have thought that yellow and brown would complement each other?

This Broncos uniform could have been great if the rest of the outfit matched the top and pants but no that was way too simple. A black helmet with a white stripe was added which was bad enough but the final nail in this particular coffin was the yellow and brown stripy sock! And not even horizontal strips but vertical! I’m convinced they are actually stockings.

I detest stripy socks with a passion and cannot forgive this uniform purely for this reason alone. Childish? Certainly is but it is my list.



Green Bay Packers – 2010 Throwback

Photo copyright Green Bay Packers

I am not a big fan of green uniforms, however, history dictates that the Packers uniforms are beyond criticism but it’s not the Packers home uniform that makes the list.

That dubious honour belongs to Green Bay’s Throwback uniforms. Dark brown helmets, navy jerseys and tan pants.

Whoa, there is a lot going on there. Throw in a yellow circle on the chest for the number and you have a lethal cocktail.

At least the navy socks match the jerseys, if you can look at the uniform long enough to notice.






Jacksonville Jaguars – All Current Combinations

Photo copyright Jacksonville Jaguars

You have to start with the Jags helmet. A two-tone mishmash with a sharp change from black to gold really sets the franchise’s uniforms on the wrong path to infamy.

As well as the black and gold from the helmet, the Jags also introduce white and teal for a four-colour combo that struggles to gel regardless of the combination of jersey and pants chosen.

On the plus side, an ever improving team will possibly result in the football world talking about the players as opposed to what they are wearing.




Pittsburgh Steelers – Throwback

Photo copyright Pittsburgh Steelers

I think this uniform polarizes opinion more than most. Love it or hate it, everyone knows who’s playing when this uniform appears on TV. I don’t think I need to state where this uniform registers in my mind with it making this list (quite comfortably to be fair).

I have nothing against the colour combination and I also have nothing against the bumblebee jersey (although it does look more like a rugby jersey) but it’s the stripy socks again! Did I tell you that I hate stripy socks with a passion?



Seattle Seahawks – All Grey

Photo copyright USA Today

This choice may well see me struck off the NFLGIRLUK contributor list, however, I’m sure our Editor will understand why the Seahawks are included.

In their all navy home uniform complete with matt finish helmet, the ‘Hawks can look quite intimidating which is the exactly the opposite of how they look with this all-grey outfit. Grey from top-to-toe, need I say more?

An easy choice to make this a particular ‘hall of shame’. A shout out to the 2009 all lime green jersey which only made one outing in public but ran the all-grey outfit close for a place on this list.


St Louis Rams – All Unis since 2000

Photo copyright Los Angeles Rams

The Rams do not deserve a place on this list as pretty much since the start of this millennium, their uniforms haven’t been bad (although if gold is to play a major part of your colour scheme then it does look better with black – see Saints).

The navy jersey/navy pants combo does look better than the navy jersey/white pants, however, both would still remain well clear of this list if it wasn’t for one thing: The Rams throwback unis. I so love this throwback uniform. I mean, who doesn’t drool when the Rams show up wearing this bad boy.

Classic look. Classic colour scheme. And solely responsible for the Rams uniforms to be on this list.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers – White Pants

Photo copyright Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If I wasn’t a Bucs fan, I would have had no hesitation including the Bucs unis on this list. The red jerseys and pewter pants with a hint of orange as a throwback to the old days works well. It’s just when the red or white jerseys are paired with the white pants is when the uniforms start to lose control.

It is worth noting that even the classic Super Bowl era uniforms didn’t particularly look great with the white pants but at least they didn’t borrow their numbers from a digital alarm clock.

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