The best uniforms in the NFL

The best uniforms in the NFL

The NFL off season is always a good time to not only look forward to a new season but to have a look back alsoAfter listing the not-so-great uniforms in the NFL in part 1, this post will cover the top ten greatest uniforms from past to present. 

As per part 1, other than alphabetical, there is no order to this listAgain, there is no allowance for any Colour Rush jerseys which have only been used for a handful of teams. So, without further ado…

Photograph copyright Chicago Bears
Photograph copyright Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears – Away

My first ever televised Super Bowl may cloud my judgement but the Lombardi winners from 1985 comfortably make my list of classic uniforms. Nothing wrong with the home uni but the away, in my opinion, looks superior.

The plain navy helmet, white jersey and navy pants form a great combination. The orange and blue stripes on the sleeves and top of the white socks finishes off the look. Add in the GSH on the sleeves as a tribute to the Bears founder then you have a classic uniform which has hardly changed over the decades.


Houston Oilers – 1980’s

Photograph copyright NFL
Photograph copyright NFL

Luv ya blue! 

Maybe it’s the sight of Warren Moon in his pomp, maybe it’s the classic red, white & blue colour scheme, maybe it’s the stripes not only on the helmet but at the end of the sleeves and at the top of the socks, maybe it’s the cool drilling derrick logo on the helmet.

Maybe if you add all these ingredients together you end up with the perfect recipe for one of the ultimate uniforms of not only the 80’s but of all-timeBeautiful.


Kansas City Chiefs – Current

Photograph copyright Kansas City Chiefs
Photograph copyright Kansas City Chiefs

Red helmet, red jersey, white pants and yellow highlights, the Chiefs have nailed their look.

From the simple interlocking KC in the arrowhead logo, right down to the socks, this is a classic look in today’s NFL.

Throw in the fact that not only does the home uni look awesome, the away uni might be even just that little bit better, regardless of what coloured pants are worn.

However, despite all the high praise Kansas, one word of warning. Don’t ever pair the red jersey with the red pants again…


Los Angeles Rams – 1980’s/Throwback

Photograph copyright Los Angeles Rams
Photograph copyright Los Angeles Rams

There is no debate which team is playing when highlights featuring this uniform are flashed across the screen.

Whether you’re thinking Eric Dickerson in the 20th century or Todd Gurley wearing a throwback uni in the 21st century, this uniform is awesome.

A classic combination of colours combined with the rams horns on the helmet and around the shoulders. 

I loved using this throwback uni in Madden Ultimate Team until EA somehow decided to remove the alternate unis from MUT.

Please can we have them back EA?


Photograph copyright New England Patriots
Photograph copyright New England Patriots

New England Patriots – 1980’s/Throwback

Both uniforms from the 85 Super Bowl made the list and it’s impossible not to make a case for the Patriots uni being on this list. In short, this uniform is so much better than the current home look.

This uniform again highlights that red, white and blue really does look great in the NFL. The red jerseys look great paired with the white pants, socks and helmet and when you add in the three stripes it just looks so good.

The cherry on top just happens to be the logo; Pat the Patriot.


Oakland Raiders – Home

Photograph copyright Oakland Raiders
Photograph copyright Oakland Raiders

Along with the Chiefs, the Raiders are one of the few teams with an awesome home and away uniform. It is the home uniform which makes this list, however. 

Silver and black is such a great combination and the fact that the Raiders very rarely interfere with the uniforms would indicate that Oakland feel the same way.

Throw in a silver helmet, single black menacing stripe and the pirate logo and you are in uniform heaven. 

Absolutely timeless.


Philadelphia Eagles – Kelly Green

Photograph copyright NFL
Photograph copyright NFL

Like the Houston Oilers uniform, I associate this uniform with another fantastic Quarterback; Randall Cunningham.

One of the many memories I have with growing up in the 80’s as a boy was watching highlights of the Eagles showcasing Rambling Randall’s sublime ability. 

I have no answer as to why the kelly green jerseys, silver pants and white socks look was replaced, however, I know the fans from the City of Brotherly Love would love to see their heroes decorated in this shade of green again, and being perfectly honest, who could blame them? 


Pittsburgh Steelers – Home

Photograph copyright Pittsburgh Steelers
Photograph copyright Pittsburgh Steelers

The only team to make both lists (credit the bumblebee throwback uni for that), the Steelers more than make up for it with their classic black & yellow home uniform

Complete with the single sided logo jet black helmet this uniform is instantly recognisable and is a reminder of the glorious Steel Curtain period when Mean Joe Greene et all were the dominant group in the NFL. 

classic look which has more than withstood the test of time.


San Diego Chargers – Powder Blue Throwback/Anniversary

Photograph copyright San Diego Chargers
Photograph copyright San Diego Chargers

If I were a Charger, I would be campaigning for the full time return of this outfit.

The current home uniform is perfectly acceptable however change the navy top to a powder blue one and this uniform suddenly belongs in a different stratosphere. 

The yellow and white then just take on a life of their own and the lightening bolts just look so much better when paired up with the powder blue jersey and, to be honest, so does the team.


San Francisco 49ers – 1980’s

Photograph copyright San Francisco 49ers
Photograph copyright San Francisco 49ers

We end this article with another classic look from the 80’s.

Although 49-ers uniforms don’t tend to differ too much from the original, it is still the Montana era which typifies the classic 49-ers look.

Red, gold and white may not sound like a great combination, however, when mixed together with simplicity the effect is striking. 

The classic look is finished off with a gold helmet c/w with red and white stripes and the interlocking SF red logo. Nice.


That concludes my two part article on the great and the not so great uniforms of the NFL. If you agree, disagree or even want to make suggestions as to what other uniforms should be included then feel free to add a comment or tweet me using the details below.

Stuart Anderson

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