Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Back in June, I wrote a few things EA could do to improve Ultimate Team this year. As we enter the final stretch until the game’s release in a few weeks, more and more news is being released to the public. Some good, some really really bad.

The Good

Pic: EASports.com
Pic: EASports.com

So we asked for alternative uniforms to be brought back after they went missing for year. For once, someone at EA heard our calls and we will be getting a host of new jerseys to rock while building our beastly teams. Why they wasn’t in Madden 16 made no sense but it is good that they are back. Playing with just the 32 home and away uniforms got boring after the first week of pre-season, especially when everyone used the same few this year. The throwback unis should be a lot of fun and hopefully we will get to see create-a-kit in MUT 18. Let’s not hold our breath though.

The chemistry system looks interesting. It looks similar to the one from Fifa Ultimate team in that if you have players from the same team, the Legion of Boom is used as an example on the blog, you get more dynamic ratings boost. As EA put it: “If the boost from the Chemistry is enough to increment that player’s OVR rating, that will update as well (not to mention your Team Rating could be incremented as well!).” That does sound like a game changer.

Also, adding dynamic end scenarios to solo challenges should make things quicker. “If a challenge has an end condition of scoring a rushing touchdown, as soon as you do that as a player, the challenge ends make solo challenges a quicker more exciting experience!” I wouldn’t call that more exciting but each to their own I guess.


The Bad

Pic: EASports.com
Pic: EASports.com

Listen, I get that competitive gaming is growing and every online game wants its scene to be better than the rest. But did they need to take out head-to-head seasons?

This new Events structure could have been added alongside regular H2H. This is typical EA, taking something out and replacing it with something that wasn’t needed, as giving us something extra would be too much hard work.

What is the aim for MUT now? We will play 10 games, win them all, then what? There is no longer the drama of the play-offs or the SuperBowl to reward you for kicking ass. They got rid of the celebrations last year and this year went one better and took out the final. In its place are “rewards” which probably won’t be that good. And they are keeping the contracts but seem to have gotten rid of the coin rewards. I get that the coin rewards were paltry but there wasn’t a need to scrap them altogether.

There is also less room for failure. Two losses and the ‘season’ starts again. What if you get disconnected from two games? The current system wasn’t broken so why fix it?

Making MUT more competitive takes the casualness out of the game. If I wanted to be a competitive MUT player I would quit my job, start a YouTube channel and spend all my time buying bundles and ripping packs.

I doubt every player will now turn into Problem or Stiff from MaddenDaily but when you add a competitive element, it makes people resort to more cheap ways to get the win. How is that a fun game for people? Might even make me turn to CFM, something I didn’t think I would ever say.


Pic: EASports.com

Kadeem Simmonds

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