Pre-season news for Packers

So after two weeks in preseason, we’ve seen a few things happen in Green Bay. Some good, some bad.

Doping Investigation

Looks as though the NFL are really pushing forward with the investigation that has been going on (for what seems like) ages. Players are due to get interviewed – the previously made statements are not sufficient, so Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers are going to be interviewed by the NFL. I really really REALLY hope that they find there isn’t sufficient information to ban them as losing two players of their ability on a defense that isn’t that great already is not what any fan would really want

Lacy’s offseason hype & fitting in Cook

Eddie Lacy does look like he has toned up – which is going to mean that teams can’t just cover the receivers, knowing that we have no running game to cover. If they do, Lacy looks as though he will punish them and make some good yards on the ground. I’m so happy that it wasn’t just a offseason story and looks like it might have legs. With Lacy back, that means that Jared Cook, who was obtained in the offseason, looked good in his first game and the other receivers will be able to give Aaron Rodgers the air attack that allows him to thrive.

Jeff Janis being injured is a bit of a disappointment – but if it had to happen on one receiver I’m just pleased it wasn’t Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb. I would have liked it if Janis was fit this offseason, just so that we could really see what the team has in him and if he would be able to be more consistent in his play and see if we had a good quality player to add depth to the position.

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