Bosa and Chargers strike a deal

Bosa and Chargers strike a deal

It may have taken what feels like a decade but Joey Bosa finally signed his rookie contract.

The number three pick held out over how and when guarantees in his contract would be given to him.

Both sides come out of this deal badly, the Chargers for haggling over the contract and releasing an extremely childish and pointless statement in an attempt to make Bosa look bad.

For Bosa, when he gets the money shouldn’t be an issue when you haven’t played a snap in the NFL yet. He didn’t ask for more money but it shouldn’t matter whether he gets paid money now or in March.

The deal looks to be the largest upfront bonus installment in Chargers history for a veteran or rookie but at least Bosa will be on the field this season.

When, nobody really knows as the defensive end has missed all of training camp and the first pre-season games. For a veteran, this wouldn’t be such a big deal but for a rookie, every second and snap on the training field counts.

“We look forward to having Joey join us and getting him prepared as quickly as possible for the 2016 season,” Chargers general Manager Tom Telesco said in a statement.

Hopefully, Chargers fans will get behind Bosa when he finally steps onto the field this season. In 41 college games for the Buckeyes, he made 26 sacks, 24 quarterback hurries and 50.5 tackles for loss.

Replicate that in the NFL and this contract situation will be easily forgotten.



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