Browns make surprise cut in Kruger

Browns make surprise cut in Kruger

The NFL has often been referred to as the Not For Long league. On bank holiday Monday, one of the first major surprise releases went to the Browns as they released Paul Kruger.

Kruger was regarded as one of the prizes of free agency following his 2012 season with the Ravens in which he produced 9 sacks. He signed a five year, $40.5 million contract with the Cleveland Browns in March. Although he started slowly (4.5 sacks in 2013), Kruger did have a career year in 2014 (11 sacks) before seeing his numbers drop again last year (2.5 sacks).

Though Kruger’s pre-season performances didn’t blow anyone away, his release is a surprise. The cut saves the Browns $5.3m in 2016.

In a league the places pass rushers at a premium, Kruger will likely be with another team at some point during the season.



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