MUT 17: Tougher than expected

MUT 17: Tougher than expected

Madden 17 has been out for a week if you live in the United States, or just under if you happen to reside in the UK. I’m a huge fan of Madden and only play Ultimate Team and though I have only had it for a few days, here are some mildly-warm takes on what I think so far.

Solos are harder

I usually take a week of work to get to grips with the game. The first few days are spent grinding out solos before diving into head to head. This year, however, the solo challenges seem harder. Maybe I am not as good as I was last year but I have noticed on MutHead that many feel the same. I don’t do MutMaster, so at the moment I am a third through the gauntlet – which took so much longer than expected – and don’t plan on doing any more.

I might make my way through the team challenges but it also looks like the pack rewards aren’t as good as they were last year so they may get ignored. Not having the style solos is disappointing, I loved the 92 Tony Romo and Glover Quin you got last year, was hoping for two more 92 players that be on my team for most of the year.


H2H didn’t need changing

Get to 10 wins before losing two games may be simple for elite players but for the average gamer, that is a tough ask. I get that EA are trying to move online play to a more competitive nature but we have draft champions and regular head to head for that. Trying to win a SuperBowl was something to strive for, now what do we have? The rewards are somewhat better, I went 6-2 in my first online season and won 2,000 coins and a pro pack.

Last year I would have been lucky to get to 2,000 coins given that 5 of the wins came from my opponent quitting, I’m not that good don’t worry, so I am thankful for the coins. But locking in your team before the season can be annoying, espcially if EA releases new content during the middle of your season. And from watching people who have gone 10-0, the overall rewards make the grind not worth it.


Alternative Uniforms are amazing

One of the worst things about MUT 16 was having no alternate jerseys so I love having them back. EA done a great job adding some made-up teams to add even more diversity. Currently I am wearing the all-red Cardinals uniforms at home and alternative Jags away for road games. Maybe next year we will be able to create our own, though I will settle for them staying in the game for two years in a row.



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