NFC East season predictions: Dallas Cowboys (Weeks 5-9)

NFC East season predictions: Dallas Cowboys (Weeks 5-9)

As a series of articles, we look at game by game predictions for each NFC East team. We continue with the Dallas Cowboys in this article as we look forward to their matchups between week 5 and 9.

Week 5 – Home v Cincinnati Bengals – LOSS

However the aforementioned cries will get a bit quieter as a solid Cincinnati defence flummoxes the young rookie and he throws multiple interceptions; welcome to world of rookie Quarterbacks Dallas, you haven’t had this in a while. Dez can still make an impression on this game with a much weaker Cornerback group than the past few seasons, but in the end I think that the poor decisions and inevitable rookie errors catch up here. The underrated part of this will be Andy Dalton growing his reputation as a definite Franchise Quaterback despite his lack of a play-off win (which he may well have gotten had he not been injured late last season).

Week 6 – Away @ Green Bay Packers – LOSS

Back down to earth with a thump as the Cowboys travel to Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers, fully primed with Jordy Nelson now back up to speed with the offence; and they win this one by a couple scores. Eddie Lacy is rejuvenated this season and now he’s not as wide as a bus he can fit through the tight gaps that the Cowboys Defence creates and runs riot. Clay Matthews now at outside linebacker again, and Julius Peppers find gaps in an otherwise solid Offensive Line and keep Prescott scrambling and giving Cowboy fans the fear of having to use a 3rd string QB (we all know how that went with Kellen Moore). Dallas will be happy to escape Lambaeu without anymore injuries.

Week 8 – Home v Philadephia Eagles – WIN

After a brief 2 game losing streak, the Cowboys will be glad to have a home divisional matchup against a relatively poor Eagles squad as has been mentioned in the previous Redskins predictions. With Romo nearing health the chances for Prescott to really show he can be the immediate face of the franchise are running out and once again he puts in a worthy performance (Unfortunately as a Redskins fan, having seen him in pre-season I’m well and truly on the Prescott hype train). Bryant will be another matchup nightmare for a below par Cornerback group even if Elliot struggles against what appears to be a good defensive line. Who knows, maybe we get to see Carson Wentz in this game; that would be a lot of fun!!

Week 9 – Away @ Cleveland Browns – WIN

Shock alert! Not the Cowboys beating the Browns, that’s about as routine as it gets, but the shock is that the Cowboys announce Dak Prescott as the starter for the rest of the season in order to preserve a still shaky Romo and he once again impresses the NFL against a surprisingly stout Cleveland Browns defence. However with RGIII still manning the offence I can’t see them mustering up too much and Dallas moves to 5-3, well in the hunt for the playoffs.

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