NFC East season predictions: Dallas Cowboys (Weeks 10-13)

NFC East season predictions: Dallas Cowboys (Weeks 10-13)

As a series of articles, we look at game by game predictions for each NFC East team. We continue with the Dallas Cowboys in this article as we look forward to their matchups between week 10 and 13.

Week 10 – Away @ Pittsburgh Steelers – LOSS

This game is a massive red flag for the Cowboys as with the Steelers’ potent offence, that will be back up to full strength after Bell returned from, suspension in Week 4 and is easily up to speed with the NFL again only spells trouble. This could get ugly for Dallas with their poor defence being masked by a good offence and less than elite teams going up against them; and potentially cries for Romo to be re-installed as the starter.

Week 11 – Home v Baltimore Ravens – LOSS

Another AFC North team that I expect to be contending come the end of the season, and another loss for the Cowboys; however this one isn’t quite as clear cut. The Ravens are much better (mainly through health) than they were last year, but their defence is still far from some of the legendary Ravens’ defences we’ve seen in the past. Baltimore were involved in several tight games last season and hopefully with Steve Smith Sr. and Breshad Perriman back by this point they condemn the Cowboys to 5-5.

Week 12 – Home v Washington Redskins – WIN

With Dak Prescott still at the helm, barely, normality is restored in the world as the Cowboys and Redskins split their season series but primarily thanks to an Ezekiel Elliot that’s firing on all cylinders to power through a weak run defence and rights the ship in Jerry’s World. Tony Romo continues to look on and play second fiddle similarly to how Peyton Manning did for the Broncos last season, which may well actually give him a chance to fully heal for once.

Week 13 – Away @ Minnesota Vikings – WIN

This was a last minute change to the article after news of Teddy Bridgewater’s horrific knee injury surfaced; hopefully he has a speedy recovery. But back to the hypothetical world that I’m living in right now, the Vikings, despite being carried by their defence and AP predominantly, still require some resemblance of a Quarterback under centre to pose a real threat to most teams else they’ll #StackTheBox. A win for Dallas in what is bound to be a low-scoring affair with either Shaun Hill or some other scrub fill-in QB that the Vikings can come up with unlikely to generate much in the air on offence.

Photo copyright: Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News

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