The Marshawn Lynch Question

The Marshawn Lynch Question

For the second match in a row Marshawn Lynch tried to steal the show from the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. Lynch literally hung up his boots during Super Bowl 50, sending social media into a much needed meltdown during a lacklustre Super Bowl.

Before last night’s match it developed that Lynch had described himself as “up in the air” about a return to football. Who can blame him really, He is seeing his friends and family prepare to start the new season, his team is again one of the bookies favourites for the Championship, and he will be watching it all from his sofa.

If Lynch does return, the Seahawks will hold his rights. They then have three choices as to what to do with the player:

1) Keep Him

There is no doubting that the Seahawks could use a player or Lynch’s considerable ability, they have made provisions to replace him and the options have looked good, but yet there are no guarantees that Michaels form can transfer from pre-season, and will Rawls injury hold up? Was his fast start last season a flash in the pan?

Lynch would also excite a team and its fan base to the point of pushing them over the edge in teams of spirit and confidence, giving them the surge they need in the second half of the season, once he becomes match fit.

2) Trade Him

The Seahawks may want to offer Lynch to other teams in the league, as I have said they have made preparations for a season without the mercurial running back and they may not wish to disturb those plans of dent the confidence of the players who are already raring to go.

Teams who may have an interest in Lynch could be a set of 3 from the NFC East:

  • New York head into the season with a great air attack but are lacking on the ground going into the season with Rashad Jennings still top of the depth chart.
  • The Washington Redskins are lacking an obvious number one running back, and the Philadelphia Eagles are relying on the 33 year old Darren Sproles and injury prone Ryan Mathews.
  • Another team unsure at running back is his home town Oakland Raiders. Latavius Murray is perfectly serviceable but a tandem of good backs may be what the Raiders need to make the next step in its recent rise to competitiveness. Lynch may want to go home and the Seahawks would like to see him to leave their conference.

3) Cut Him

Let’s be honest, we are in a world where All Pro Guards like Josh Sitton get cut because no team is willing to trade for them. What value does an aging running back who missed a lot of last season with injury and may be viewed by some teams as more trouble and unwanted media coverage than they are looking for?

The Seahawks have a decent start to their schedule this season and could go into their bye week well on top. Why would they want to rock the boat? Letting Lynch go may be the quickest and simplest option for the team.

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