Week Two – Dream to Stream

The 2016 NFL season is officially underway, and already some fantasy owners will be fixin’ to make some changes to their lineups. Whether through injury, fear of an upcoming matchup or just plain old fashioned dice throwing, many lineups in Week 2 will look quite different from the opening week. With that in mind, here are four lesser owned players who could help your team fill a hole in Week 2.


Matthew Stafford (Owned in 39.5% of NFL.com leagues)

Stafford’s first go round without Calvin Johnson went well, with the Lions QB helping himself to 340 yards and three passing scores against the Colts in Week 1. Up next for Stafford and his Lions is a game against the Titans, who despite not allowing a passing touchdown in their opener still allowed Shaun Hill to hang 236 passing yards on them. Stafford could be looking at another top 12 fantasy outing, and who are you to turn that down?


Tevin Coleman (43.9%)

What can you say? Some coaches actually tell the truth during the offseason. The Falcons banged on and on about wanting to get their second year running back more involved in the offense, and against the Buccaneers they made good on their promise. Playing on just 49% of offensive snaps, compared to the 55% enjoyed by Devonta Freeman, Coleman’s 13 touches earned him 77 more yards than his stable mate managed on 15. Facing a high powered offense in the Raiders, the Falcons may be relying on their passing game once again, and the Raiders allowed seven receptions for 44 yards and a touchdown last time out.


Tajae Sharpe (8.6%)

Balls to Exotic Smashmouth. DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry combined for 45 rushing yards on their combined 18 carries, and while they are not exactly going up against the 85 Bears and their feared 4-6 front in the Colts, my overall lack of faith in Murray (not to mention the Titans head coach) lead me to suspect that the Titans may be passing quite a bit in Week 2. Tajae Sharpe led the team in targets (11) receptions (7) and receiving yards (76), and after the Colts allowed the 3rd most passing yards in Week One (and are losing cornerbacks faster than they can get them into uniform), Sharpe’s matchup doesn’t feel particularly daunting.


Kyle Rudolph (6.3%)

When you get a chance to stream the best tight end in football, you seemingly have to take it. Rudolph saw a healthy number of targets in Week 1, thanks to the noodle arm of his quarterback Shaun Hill, and even if Hill is replaced by Sam Bradford (assuming he doesn’t fetch a first round pick from the Browns) the Vikings passing attack will focus on the short to intermediate areas of the field. The Packers were torched to the tune of seven receptions for 112 yards and a score by tight ends in Week 1, and while Rudolph won’t go crackers he could help get you over this week.

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