Five NFL shows to watch this season

Five NFL shows to watch this season
So obviously you’re going to watch some live games and probably some Red Zone on Sky Sports, Gamepass or the BBC this season but what supplemental programming should you be watching to enhance your enjoyment this season? Here are 5 TV and Radio shows to check out….

Inside The NFL, NFL Network: Gamepass Thursday 05:00 & 10:00, Saturday 09:00
‘The only show the pros watch’ The granddaddy of all NFL talk and highlights shows having been around since 1977. Ok it’s not as good as it once was but its still great viewing because the NFL Film highlight packages are so good and some of the discussion is interesting. James Brown returns to front the show from a 2 year hiatus and rumours are that Cris Collinsworth will return for guest appearances, the programme hasn’t been the same since he left. Brandon Marshall was great last year bringing a fresh and honest perspective from a current player. I wouldn’t normally recommend more Phil Simms in anyone’s life but here I’ll make an exception. The only slight annoyance is that Gamepass doesn’t archive the episodes so it means scrolling back on the scrub bar to find it if you don’t catch the broadcast when it goes out.
NFL This Week, BBC2 Tuesday nights (after Newsnight). The NFL Show, BBC1 Saturdays post-Match of the Day.
Two weekly NFL shows on the BBC this year (as well as live international series games and weekly live games on 5Live radio) as NFLUK goes all in and calls a cover-0 blitz on their Beeb coverage in the second year of the rights deal. Chappers, Osi and Jason return to give everyone without a satellite dish or Gamepass a full season of coverage this year. Osi of course is the star of the show, a future fixture for US broadcasters you must imagine (also given how much the networks love an ex New York player) so let’s enjoy him while we can. Just as last year the Tuesday version will have the highlights of the previous weekend, the Saturday one will recap the Thursday Night game and preview the upcoming weekend. The league office will be hoping the most comprehensive coverage ever on the BBC re-ignites viewing figures that have plateau’d in the UK over the last 5 years.
The NFL Show, Talksport Radio, Tuesdays 10pm
2 hours of football talk on British radio not only regularly featuring the royalty of UK NFL broadcasting (Coombs, Carlson, Brady etc…) but also some really good and interesting writers and bloggers from the States such as Mike Tanier and‘s Greg Rosenthal. And of course our very own NFLGirlUk Liz Fox regularly makes appearances to discuss all things Seahawks. Rebranded from the American Sports Show to The NFL Show for the season it’ll be the best place to listen to the week’s review on any UK platform. Also available in podcast form.
The Timeline, NFL Network at various times, archived on Gamepass
Whereas A Football Life primarily focuses on individual players and personalities The Timeline series, back for a second season, documents significant and defining moments in the NFL’s storied history. This season looks to be even better than last. Some of the episodes to look forward to includes one about the 1976-77 expansion Bucs going 0-26 before finally winning their first game; one about the famous Fog Bowl playoff game between the Bears and the Eagles when the fog rolled in mid game and neither players, coaches or fans could see what was going on; and an in depth look at one of the UK’s favourite ever teams, how the 14 and 2 1984 Miami Dolphins came to epitomise 80’s cool. NFL films always does a great job documenting the past, delving into their archives and supplementing it with new interviews. This series is definitely one worth making time for.
Fantasy Live, NFL Network daily show on Gamepass

Now you can probably find the better fantasy advice and predictions on some of the many podcasts out there but if you fancy watching something fantasy football related then there aren’t many better programmes available than Fantasy Live which keeps players up to date most days of the week with the latest goings on in the league. Old fantasy hand at NFL Network Michael Fabiano is joined by a panel to tell you who you should be looking to pick up on the waiver wire, who to start and who to sit, all the standard fantasy discussion. If you fancy a show with a bit more reverence then Fantasy and Friends often follows this programme on the NFL Network schedule with Adam Rank, Dave Dameshek and Maurice Jones Drew amongst others debating the best moves to make along with the general public.


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