English Premier League and the NFL

English Premier League and the NFL

Which NFL team best represents your favorite Premier League football team? There is a lot of this around at the moment, Why? Perhaps a cunning ploy by the NFLUK to try and engage more British fans in a growing sport. Another reason could be that the American audience are buying into ‘soccer’ a lot more, this could be born out of an exciting American team in the World Cup, or the very public exit of their ladies team from the Olympics. I have a different theory.

Being a long suffering West Ham fan I was thrilled to see Seattle as a stop for the ‘Hammers’ on their pre-season tour of the US. The Captain of West Ham Mark Noble was seen to be throwing a ball around with Russell Wilson, and is pictured in the locker room with Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor.

The thing about West Ham, is that despite being a perennial top flight team – save for a few seasons in the noughties, they have not won anything since the year of my birth, without giving anything away, we are talking about a substantial amount of time. The Seahawks have filled a sporting hole in my life recently, that of a winner, and it has been so refreshing!

Don’t get me wrong, I am no bandwagon fan. I follow the Seattle Seahawks because when I was young I remember the Seattle SuperSonics and the human highlight reel Shawn Kemp on my Saturday morning television. I will stick with the city’s sports team now until they or I aren’t around anymore.

The new Premier League season has begun and West Ham are in a new home this year, drawing many comparisons with the Los Angeles Rams. The problem is that neither the side or the fans have yet to take to their fancy new stadium, the players are seriously off form and the fans are fighting each other in the stands. Troubled times.

This would bother me more but I have just had the privilege to witness a fantastic Olympic games. Passionate athletes from all over the world putting their lives on hold and their bodies on the line to compete at something they love on the world stage. When I think about this, and look back to England’s footballing capitulation during the European Championships it is nowhere near being on the same level. These players looked like they could not wait to get home to their trophy homes and bags of money.

So what has this got to do with the recent outbreak of comparisons between the Green Bay Packers and Arsenal? Tottenham Hotspur and the Carolina Panthers? Again it is about filling that missing ‘something’ in people’s lives. The UK have to some degree lost interest in British Football and are turning to its American cousin. I believe I am not alone in being hugely grateful at the return of the NFL.

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