Madden 17: a great game so far

Madden 17: a great game so far

So Madden has been out for roughly a month for those people who didn’t get an advanced copy. That is plenty of time to get to grips with the new features and form an opinion on the game.

Madden 17 is a great game. It’s not perfect, was never going to be and I don’t think they tried to promote it as one. With that in mind, here are my early observations on the game.

No more Nanos

I don’t send blitzes, don’t really see the point but can understand why some players feel the need to make enough adjustments on defence to make sure a linebacker runs through unopposed. However, this year, with the new nano detection system, this is actually impossible. Blitzes do come in from the edge, and I have seen them happen, but no more instant sacks coming through the A or B gap. If it does look like a linebacker is going to get to the quarterback through the A gap, he automatically stops for a few seconds. It looks stupid but it’s better than nothing. Players do still get through the A and B gap but that is more through luck and not glitchy set ups.

Bye Bye Aggressive Catch

Wait. Hold up. Aggressive catches still happen. They always will. It is a part of the NFL. If Nuk Hopkins goes up for a high ball, he will teabag you. You can’t stop it. What they have changed is the frequency of it happening and the helpless feeling players on D had when they saw a QB chuck the ball in the air and ANY random player go up and pluck it out of the air. This year, they have added the swat mechanic to help players on defence. And it works. If you click on the defender attempting to break up a pass, the swat action will prevent this from happening. It does not happen every time, some plays the receiver will comed down with it. But it is not as rage inducing as it was last year and sometimes you just have to tip your hat off to Dez Bryant as he makes your cornerback look like a muppet.

Fumbling wasn’t an issue

One of the first patches of Madden 17 addressed the fumbling issue people were having. But I don’t think there was one. Sure, there were a lot of fumbles. But people were using gold and silver cards with low carrying and catching stats. So what did they expect? There are a lot of fumbles in NFL and sure, it’s frustrating when your player fumbles the ball but welcome to the NFL. If you want to keep hold of the ball, use the button EA gave you to protect it and don’t spin or juke too much or you will get hit in the chest and drop the ball. It’s really common sense.


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