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Should we get on the Wentz Wagon?

One of the somewhat surprising teams so far, has been the Eagles, who after a devastating loss to the Lions after coming off bye will be hoping to return to winning ways against divisional rivals, the Washington Redskins in Week 6. We look at how the “Wentz Wagon” has been such a revelation this season.

Wentz’s Composed Offence

I tried to think of a good word to describe the Eagles’ offence so far this season; and composed is definitely the best way to describe it. It’s vastly different from Chip Kelly’s throw the kitchen sink at lightning speed offence that was in Philadelphia previously, and ran at such a high pace that some players were quite simply square pegs in round holes (Looking at you DeMarco Murray).

Doug Pederson has come in calmed the offence down a bit and plays to it’s strengths; notably at Running Back with Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles used as a typical early down and pass catching specialist tandem that allows them to take a lot of pressure off of Wentz. This coupled with a lot of short, low-risk throws to keep the offence in a good rhythm and moving the chains allows for a well balanced offence. Make no mistake, they won’t be a Powerhouse-type offence like Pittsburgh or New England (with Brady), but they will consistently score points to give their defence a lot to work with and win games.

Underrated Defence

This defence was potentially one of the more underrated units heading into the season, with many people failing to look past the many shootouts they got into under Chip Kelly; but this seemed to be a result of their fast-paced offence and the defence being on their knees with fatigue and conceding more points. A vicious Catch 22 cycle. However with some improvements, namely Rodney McLoud to give Malcom Jenkins another Pro-Bowl level safety and an extremely good Front Seven; they will be towards the top 10 when all is said and done.

I was extremely impressed when they managed to restrict the Steelers to just 3 points in their Week 3 matchup. Admittedly there was no Le’Veon Bell to key the ground attack; but DeAngelo Williams has been no mug this season and they only allowed him to reach 21 Rushing Yards.  Other than a sluggish start against the Lions in Week 5, this has still been an elite group defensively, and even in that Week 5 matchup they allowed less than 60 yards in the second half and only gave up a Field Goal. If they keep balling, then they will be in contention in most, if not all games this season.

Feel Good Factor

Just by watching the Eagles in their opening few games, you can really tell that confidence is high in Philly; and there’s a buzz around the team and it’s fans. You can never underrate this in a team; looking at the extreme end of the spectrum, Leicester City sustained it for a whole season and we all know how that story ended. I’m not declaring the Eagles Superbowl winners by any stretch but team chemistry has peaked this season after a lot of disharmony rumours last season with Chip Kelly as coach.

Once again, you look no further than your Rookie QB, already coming up with Touchdown celebrations, as he did with Jordan Matthews against the Steelers. This may seem trivial, but the confidence it must take to do that, and it also speaks volumes about his likeability in the locker-room. The Eagles appear to have struck gold for the long-term in Carson Wentz.

The Eagles went under the radar this off-season, I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and say I’ve gotten it horribly wrong, and now look to be right in the mix for the NFC East crown. #AllAboardTheWentzWagon


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I'm Blake, and I'm a big Washington Redskins fan despite their best efforts to put me off the first few years I watched NFL. You may find me either swearing at a computer or standing in a baseball field.

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