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A love letter to Bill O’Brien. Can he lead the Texans to glory?

Dear Bill

What did we do? Where did it all go wrong? You know, for a while there, it looked like we were going to make it, it looked like we had everything figured out. I guess somethings just aren’t meant to be.

When I said you needed to think long and hard about who you associated with, you listened and kept the good egg, Andre, and surrounded yourself with people we both thought are better for you, for us.



Brock was such a great guy, when we’d seen him. Admittedly we hadn’t had the chance to really get to know him but on the occasions we had encountered him, that time we visited Boston for one, he seemed like the kind of guy who would respond to you, and make us happier.

Lamar, well, we all loved Lamar from afar. We knew he wasn’t happy where he was and we thought that coming to us, and with you knowing exactly what ailed him, that he would shine and in turn, would bring that shine back to you, Bill.

Then, we looked at our graduate training programme and decided to focus it to your strengths, to give you what you needed. Will Fuller was of course the stand-out and he has been a really good young addition. But we can expect those in their first year of your comprehensive training programme to carry the senior leadership team? Should they be expected to fix us, Bill? You and me? We can’t ask the kid to do that, however much we like him.

And I look at all this, all you’ve been given to get it going and it really worries me. Maybe it was too much, too soon. Too much change, too fast. I get that. Life moves pretty fast. But in a relationship it is give and take. I feel like you took and now you need to give.

Dearest Bill, my OB, please light a fire under somebody’s ass out there because at the moment, Brock is making a mug out of you, Lamar is perhaps the guy our friends in Miami thought he was, and the was Andre is being ignored just isn’t ok.

You know, Brock may be a snake-oil charmer, Bill. That first date, against Chicago, he made all the right noises and, I admit, I thought we had the guy, that you had your guy. But since then it seems like Brock is taking advantage of our generosity. Pro Football Focus has his grade declining as the season progresses. His decision making is getting worse, his ability to make plays is nearly non-existent. Against Minnesota he played perhaps the worst game of any QB this season. Remember when we were young and you used to sing a tune to Tom Brady? Or, more impressively, you sung a tune that made Christian Hackenburg dance on his toes and made him look like a competent QB? You could sing a tune then, Bill. It’s what attracted me to you. What happened to that beautiful voice?

Now, Bill, I know you’ve started calling the plays again and I think it’s good for our relationship that you have interests, I really do. But, Bill, is this the right hobby? If your voice isn’t what it once was, what tune are you singing into that headset on a Sunday?



Bill, the defence is not the stellar unit we hoped, and without our rock, JJ, the other guys are doing what they can, and I get that. I can’t blame you for things like that. But if the D can’t carry the new guys on offence then you need to start working on it, Bill, because I need you to Bill. Do you hear me?

On Sunday night, the nation will be watching Bill. Did you see that tyre-fire they’ve got going on in Indy? They can’t tackle, create pressure or really do much of anything. I think you need to tell Brock that it’s now or never, you need to sing him a song because I’m afraid for our relationship if you come out of Indy with a loss.

Yours in hope,

The guy who wants you to sing again.


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