Romo set to be Dak-Up?

Romo set to be Dak-Up?

There’s a theme developing with the Cowboys so far this season: another week, another win, another Dak Prescott dazzling performance. There were murmurs all week about should Dak retain the starting the job, but after a dominant victory in Green Bay before the bye in Week 7 over Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, those murmurs are getting that bit louder going into the bye week before Romo is expected back in Week 8 or 9.

Even though he managed to throw his first interception of the season at Lambeau, Prescott still looked every bit the Cowboys long term answer to their QB position. Once again composed in and out the pocket, despite the pressure on his shoulders this whole season to not be the guy who loses Dallas games. One of the main reasons he’s been having so much success is his new BFF Ezekiel Elliot who has forced defences into (fairly unsuccessfully) game-planning against him, and making Dak Prescott beat them instead; which he has. The outstanding Offensive Line give Zeke the holes to run through not matter how stacked the box is, opening up a whole range of play calls for Dak and Jason Garrett’s Offence.

Tony Romo was never placed on the PUP (Physically unable to perform) or IR (Injured Reserve) leaving the door open for him to return whenever necessary, but it looks likely that it it won’t be until Week 9 at the earliest based on the latest rumours. This should give Dak one last shot, on the big Sunday Night Football stage, to show that he really is the man to lead the Cowboys for the rest of the season and beyond. With victories against the Redskins, Bears, 49ers, Bengals and Packers on his resume so far; this Eagles D is likely to be the most challenging so far so you could consider it a litmus test. If he comes out of this still impressing it will force the coaching staff’s hand a bit more.

Personally if I were the Cowboys coaching staff (and didn’t want to ruin them for the Redskins’ sake) I’d be starting Dak the rest of the way, or at the very least until he has 2 or 3 poor games in a row before bringing Romo back. You’ve got a good thing going, and bringing in a still very injury prone Romo could jepordise the momentum you’ve built up; even more so if he gets injured again after a game or two.

However I do believe the Cowboys staff when they say that it’s Romo’s job when fit, purely because of their loyalty to Romo in the past when he has been under fire, and it’s not like he’s a bad Quarterback. Romo could still argue he’s a top half QB when fully fit, maybe even better than that! This will be an interesting scenario to watch play out, and regardless of who’s at QB the Cowboys currently look firm favoruites for a good not great NFC East as all the other teams lurk a couple games back.

Blowing My Own Trumpet Alert: In my pre-season predictions I predicted Dak to win the job for the season here. Not that I feel like a know-it-all or anything…

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