MV-Zeke? Elliot states his case

MV-Zeke? Elliot states his case

As a Redskins fan, it give me no pleasure in saying how the Dallas Cowboys have been the class of the NFC East, if the not the NFC and potentially the whole league as well. And there’s one man to thank for that (honourable mention to Dak Prescott though), Ezekiel Elliot. He has almost single handedly taken a somewhat promising team if they could put it all together, to an instant Superbowl contender and the favourite to represent the NFC in Houston this year.

His performance this season has been nothing short of spectacular, but does he have a genuine shot at taking home the MVP come January?

Yes, yes he does! He is deciding games by himself for the Cowboys with his somewhat unbelievable playmaking! Not only are his performances winning games for his team, but it makes his new BFF, Dak Prescott’s job a hell of a lot easier with team’s stacking the box to stop Zeke. He’s the only NFL Running Back with over 1000 Rushing Yards so far this season, and averages over 100 Rushing Yards a game. He also is tied for 3rd in the NFL in Touchdowns behind only LaGarette Blount and Melvin Gordon. The stats don’t lie, he’s arguably THE most productive Running Back in the whole NFL and is the driving force behind the Cowboys Superbowl charge this year.

Unfortunately, the main qualm against him is the fact he is not a Quarterback, which reflects badly immediately with some voters as the Quarterback is by far the most important position in the NFL, bar none. But there are plenty of instances of Running Backs claiming the big prize at the Awards Ceremony, as recently as 2011 when Adrian Peterson won the MVP with Vikings; and Ladainian Tomlinson won it back in 2001. So it’s far from impossible that he wins it despite his positional disadvantage, and even as recently as 2014 with DeMarco Murray behind the offesnive line, Running Backs do get talked about in the conversation for MVP.

It’s going to be tough to win the voters over if Matt Ryan and Tom Brady continue to play at an exceptionally high level the rest of the way with their positional advantage for the award. But Elliot will be getting a lot of votes, as Murray did back in 2014, and as things stand I think he would be a Top 3 finisher as only Ryan and brady are showing the MVP credentials for QBs right now.

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