Who should the Chiefs should target to replace Alex Smith?

Who should the Chiefs should target to replace Alex Smith?

Alex Smith is a good quarterback but nothing to write home about. Arguably the best game manager in the NFL, Smith won’t turn the ball over but is missing that IT factor to take the Chiefs to the SuperBowl.

With the team’s needs are more at receiver, offensive line and corner, thoughts should be turning to an eventual replacement for Smith.

Though many fans want to see their team take a francise QB early, there isn’t always talent there *Blake Bortles* and the Chiefs are unlikely to pick inside the top 10 in the next few years.

With that being said, some of the better QBs have been taken late in the last decade.

Tony Romo – undrafted
Derek Carr – second round
Russel Wilson – 4th round
Tyrod Taylor- 6th round
Aaron Rodgers – back half of the first
Tom Brady – 6th round
Teddy Bridgewater – back half of the first
Dak Prescott – 4th round *still a rookie*
Kirk Cousins – 4th round
Andy Dalton – 2nd round
Joe Flacco – back half of the first
Drew Brees – 2nd round
Trevor Siemian – 7th round pick.

So there is plenty of evidence to say that the Chiefs could pick up someone in the latter rounds and have him sit behind Smith and Nick Foles before taking over in two to three years.

Some names being banded around are Luke Falk, who is gaining buzz after every game and could work his way up into the early rounds.

Mason Rudolph has been compared to Big Ben in terms of size and his cannon arm and Aaron Rodgers when it comes to his touch and the way his wrist flicks when he delivers a dart.

However, he has also been compared to Browns bust Johnny Manziel due to his style *gulp*.

Kyle Zimmerman is one of the most efficient QBs in college and some are staying he could be picked up as an undrafted free agent. With plenty of coaching, he could develop into something special but that is a big ask.

Mitch Trubisky could fit in in Kansas but he is likely to go early, with Draftwire’s Luke Easterling currently have him 15th on his top draft prospects. Easterling feels the QB coming out of North Carolina would benefit from another year in school.

It is still way too early to be thinking 2017 draft but some people are always looking to the future and for those of you that are, this should give you a few kids to keep an eye out over the next few months.

Kadeem Simmonds

Kadeem joined the NFLGirlUK.com team in 2016 and is currently the AFC Conference Editor, covering the AFC West division, as well as writing about Madden for the Gaming section. Though quite new to the NFL, after becoming acquainted with it through Madden, Kadeem has written features and articles on the sport for the Morning Star newspaper, where he is the current sports editor. He can be followed on Twitter @KadeemSimmonds.

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