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The SuperBowl is making it’s return to Madden Ultimate Team

Eminem voice: *Guess who’s back? Back again. Madden Ultimate SuperBowl’s back. Tell your friends.*

OK, so Eminem does it better, that’s not surprising. However, what is surprising is that EA are rectifying their mistake and bringing back MUT seasons in which the end goal is lifting the Lombardi trophy.

That they ditched it for this awful H2H season which costs 3 tickets (9,000 coins) was a terrible idea.

Part of the fun of the MUT H2H season was the grind to the play-offs, knowing that a loss takes you back to the regular season.

Games felt like something, there was an end goal to reach for and when you made it to the SuperBowl, you felt even more locked in to the game.

You didn’t want to lose, you wanted to be victorious on the biggest stage of all.

In my brief time of playing MUT, I have only reached one SuperBowl and was royally spanked in it. I was humiliated. And I felt gutted. All that hard work for nothing.

I haven’t been as heavily invested in H2H this year and I am already pumped for the return of the SuperBowl H2H seasons.

It seems EA will have two versions, one ranked and one unranked, similar to what they have now.

And it also looks like the old leaderboards will return, telling you how many SuperBowls you have won as well as how many points you score and give up on average per game.

A release date hasn’t been confirmed for all of this yet by stay tuned for more details!

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Kadeem joined the team in 2016 and is currently the AFC Conference Editor, covering the AFC West division, as well as writing about Madden for the Gaming section. Though quite new to the NFL, after becoming acquainted with it through Madden, Kadeem has written features and articles on the sport for the Morning Star newspaper, where he is the current sports editor. He can be followed on Twitter @KadeemSimmonds.

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