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Dear Santa

With Christmas mere days away, many people will no doubt be expecting some NFL related presents. Maybe a new jersey of their favourite player, perhaps a beer stein emblazoned with their team’s logo…probably some socks. In the spirit of the time of getting what we want, I reached out to some notable personalities around the NFL and asked what they would like Santa to bring for them.

“Dear Santa, I’d like for the NFL to find a way to have less commercials and less stoppages, that we find a more suitable time window to show 11 minutes of game action than the current 200 minutes per game.  It can be done.” Andrew Brandt, @AndrewBrandt, NFL Business Analyst, MMQB, ESPN

 “Dear Santa, I’d like for Trent Baalke to leave the San Francisco 49ers. We haven’t had a good draft since Scott McGloughan left.” Will Gavin, @WillGav, Host of Gridiron Podcast, talkSPORT2 Presenter

“Dear Santa, I’d like for the Washington Redskins to be able to stop the run. Oh, and for the New York Giants season to quickly go down the toilet. Losing JPP is a good start.” Paul “Mainzey” Mainwaring, @Mainzey7, co-host of “Waxing Lyrical with Mainz and Dutts” football podcast.

 “Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good boy this year, so I’ve made a little list. 1) I’d like a massive meteor to wipe out that stupid pirate ship inside Raymond James Stadium. 2) I’d like to change the Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms. 3) I’d like the Bucs to get a playoff spot, it would be genuinely exciting. Not that they have the players to contend yet, but just getting there after such a long absence with a second-year quarterback would be great progression. 4) I’d like to see a left-handed quarterback starting in the league. Whatever happened to them? 5) My biggest wish is that I’d like to see the top six teams in the NFC and AFC with the best records qualify for the playoffs, not the four and two system we have now. Please….” Charles Dagnall, @CharlesDagnall, BBC Test Match Special Commentator and host of 5LiveNFL coverage.

 “Dear Santa, this is a perfect time of year – as we celebrate holidays and as we celebrate the New Year – to change the rules with respect to on field celebration.  So, my wish: change the rules to allow on field celebrations. Celebrations should be penalized in only two instances: if contact is made with a player on the opposing team or if a celebration delays the game.  The league should not only allow celebrations – it should embrace them.  After all, it is disingenuous to capitalize on the emotion of the game while penalizing demonstrations of emotion by those who play the game.  So, here’s to celebrations – of the holidays and on the field – ho ho ho.” Amy Trask, @AmyTrask, former CEO of the Oakland Raiders, CBS Sports Football Analyst, author of “You Negotiate like a Girl”.

“Dear Santa, this may sound greedy, but I want the Chicago Bears to get a quarterback and hire an offensive mind that knows how to play to said mythical signal caller’s strengths.” Liz Loza, @LizLoza_FF, Fantasy Football Analyst for Yahoo Sports, co-host of the X’s and Y’s Podcast.

 “Dear Santa, I would like to see the Cleveland Browns pick a quarterback in the 6th round of the 2017 NFL Draft – an arm who 31 other teams passed on multiple times-, one who leads the team to a stunning upset Super Bowl win in his second season before going on to play 20 more years without a missed start.” Marc Sessler, @MarcSesslerNFL, writer for NFL.com’s “Around the NFL” and member of the Around the NFL podcast.

 “Dear Santa, I would like Dr Emmett Brown, a DeLorean, a flux capacitor and enough road in Santa Clara to get up to 88mph, so the 49ers could get a do-over with Jim Harbaugh.” Marcas Grant, @MarcasG, Fantasy Writer and Editor for NFL.com

 “Dear Santa, I would like the Chicago Bears to add another defensive piece onto the team. The most success the team has ever had during the Mike Ditka and Lovie Smith eras is on defense. The quarterback is always tricky, and I know there will be a temptation to ask for one in the 1st round, but I’m quite happy waiting for the second round. I’d also like the Los Angeles Rams to at least get an offensive coordinator to at least try to get something out of Todd Gurley. Or better yet, just trade Gurley and Aaron Donald for a boatload of picks.” Adam Rank, @AdamRank, NFL.com Maverick

 “Dear Santa, I would like for the Tennessee Titans to get competent cornerback play, talented wide receivers…ooh, and a new head coach.” Raymond Summerlin, @RMSummerlin, Fantasy Football writer for Rotoworld.

 “Dear Santa, please bring John Brown a “do over button” for his health this season.” Matt Harmon, @MattHarmon_BYB, NFL.com writer, creator of #ReceptionPerception

“Dear Santa, please can the Green Bay Packers win the NFC North Division title? Ooh, and can I get a Packers throwback sweater too please?” Alex Gelhar, @AlexGelhar, Fantasy Writer and Editor for NFL.com

 “Dear Santa, please can I have an Oakland Raiders v New England Patriots AFC Championship game, with very heavy snowfall? I’m a sucker for nostalgia.” Matt “Money” Smith, @MattMoneySmith, NFL Network/NFL.com Fantasy Live

 “Dear Santa, I would like a massive white collar federal wrap against Tom Brady.” Dan Hanzus, @DanHanzus, Host of the Around the NFL podcast and author of NFL.com’s “The End Around”.

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Neil has been writing about the NFL, and fantasy football specifically, since 2013. He is the fantasy football writer for NFLGirlUK.com and has written for UK Endzone, Fantasy Pros, Gridiron Experts and RotoViz. He has appeared on the Gridiron Show and the Woot and Wye podcast, and is co-host of the Waxing Lyrical with Mainz and Dutts podcast. You can follow him on Twitter (@ndutton13), and Instagram.

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