Is Ultimate Team moving away from casual gamers?

Is Ultimate Team moving away from casual gamers?

I enjoy playing Madden, I love playing Ultimate Team. Building a squad of my favourite players and pitting myself against people around the world is an exciting thing.

But I’m starting to feel like MUT is no longer a mode for casual gamers. With the amount of content that the game drops, you literally have to be at home all the time to take full advantage of it. Look at the recent Black Friday sets. With sets opening and closing every hour, players who had to work or go to school would have missed out on certain cards simply because they can’t afford to stay at home and play Madden.

When EA releases new solo challenges that once completed gives you an elite card, by time those who are at work get home to play the game, those players who don’t work or their job is playing video games have already grinded out the solos, used the card and sold it for thousands of coins. These players are constantly playing catch-up and it’s not their fault.

Or take the limited edition Emmitt Smith that is rewarded once you get to Madden All-Pro 1st string and win the SuperBowl in Ultimate Team. The first 100 players to do that are rewarded with the card. Once again, by time players get home from work or school, they are multiple games behind in the race.

Heck, god forbid you have a social life and go out, by time you switch on the game you may have totally missed out. This isn’t a jealous rant because I don’t get paid to play Madden (thanks Mum for making me go to school), these are just the opinions of a player who wants the playing field to be level.

There are some weeks where I am unable to get to play Madden due to work, seeing my son and friends. Now granted, I am fully aware I will miss out on a lot of stuff because of it but MUT is at a point now where if you miss one day, you are left to feel like you missed out on everything.

Daily solos, 24 hour limited edition cards, while it is great that players have more content than ever, EA has to realise that not every player is in a fortunate position to play every night. They have rectified this somewhat by bringing back certain challenges at the end of the week but there is more that can be done.

One thing I am a firm believer in is an online or companion app where you can do pretty much everything but play matches. If you were able to open packs, buy and sell cards in the auction house and complete sets such as the Black Friday Blitz promos, you would be able to play on the move and not be left behind.

Fifa used to have such an app until hackers ruined it for everyone. But why not attempt to bring it back with better safe guards? I wouldn’t get much work done but that’s my own fault. I’m sure EA would charge players for such a thing which would suck but if they didn’t, that would benefit a lot of players. While I know the playing field will never be level, it could be better.


Kadeem Simmonds

Kadeem joined the team in 2016 and is currently the AFC Conference Editor, covering the AFC West division, as well as writing about Madden for the Gaming section. Though quite new to the NFL, after becoming acquainted with it through Madden, Kadeem has written features and articles on the sport for the Morning Star newspaper, where he is the current sports editor. He can be followed on Twitter @KadeemSimmonds.

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