The future is bright for the Miami Dolphins

The future is bright for the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphin’s have a real case for becoming a AFC powerhouse over the next few years. That is reflected on the NFL website, who believe that the franchise’s Super Bowl window is currently open and will stay that way for three years.

Under head coach Adam Gase, the future is bright in Miami and that’s before you even step outside into the glorious sun.

A lot is dependent on Ryan Tannehill recovering from his knee injury. But which NFL team isn’t heavily reliant on their franchise quarterback?

The receiving room is young and talented. Jarvis Landry and DeVonte Parker have so much to offer and if the team re-signs Kenny Stills, you would be hard pressed to find many better trios around the league.

First-round pick Laremy Tunsil looked extremely impressive in his rookie season and should they move him to LT and pick up a guard in free agency or the draft, there is no reason why this offence cannot take another leap in 2017.

Of course there are concerns on the other side of the ball. But if the defence can match the output of the offence in 2016, via a good free agency and 2017 draft, then they can challenge once again for the play-offs, possibly the AFC East.

This roster is young enough to keep going for at least five years, if the upward trajectory continues.

It is great that the media are showing the Dolphins some love, after given the franchise a 1% chance of reaching Houston on Sunday, but three years seems a bit harsh for a team that’s better days are ahead.

Is their window as open as the Patriots? No. That is more like a mansion double-door being wide open. And given the sorry state of the Bills and Jets, it could be argued the East is down to two teams.

The North? Well Ben Roethlisberger unsure whether he is returning next season and the Dolphins will feel confident of beating the Ravens and Bengals in January, let alone the Browns.

Now there is still the West to contend with. But that looks like the Raiders are the only genuine contenders in 2017, unless the Broncos bring in Tony Romo.

And the South? Excuse me for not taking the Texans, Colts, Jaguars or Titans seriously.



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