Matches Made in Heaven

Matches Made in Heaven

The start of the new league season is now under a week away; this does sound like we’re still clinging onto the NFL despite the Patriots superb comeback being nearly 2 months ago now. But bear with us for a minute, the next week could be incredibly hectic for some teams; as we’ve seen in past when Free Agents get let loose on the open market, and trades can officially be processed again. So before the madness all kicks off, here are some heavenly pairings between teams and players I’d love to see happening in the coming days.

Tony Romo to the Houston Texans

There’s going to be plenty of Tony Romo talk this off-season, and rightly so, he’s proven he can be a better than average QB even late his career; but obviously, this is if he can stay healthy. A lot of people have been throwing out the Broncos as a landing spot, and I can see why, but the Bronco’s O-Line is shoddy at best, and their run game didn’t inspire much so do you really want to put the team on Romo’s sore back? So why not take the cross-state trip to Houston where their O-Line is solid, Lamar Miller can carry a hefty load at RB and he has some intriguing weapons around to to succeed; surely he can’t be worst than Brock Osweiler right?

Adrian Peterson to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We’ve all heard the old saying “Father Time is still undefeated”, but if anyone is gonna defy that, it’s be Adrian Peterson who despite an injury ravaged 2016, still lead the league in Rushing in 2015 so there’s still evidence of juice left in the tank. Tampa Bay could work out as an ideal spot where he would be the main back on 1st and 2nd down with pass-catching supremo Charles Sims taking over on 3rd down; and last season’s revival of Jacquizz Rodgers will spell AP from time to time. It’d be the perfect balance that he needs to keep being productive in this stage at his career.

Brandin Cooks to the Philadelphia Eagles

In this scenario we’re actually going to give Carson Wentz someone that can actually catch the ball (not looking at you Nelson Agholor, honest…), and Cooks could well fit the mould in this instance. Jordan Matthews is a solid receiver, and Zach Ertz gives Wentz a nice safety blanket over the middle; if you add the Home Run threat of Cooks who could take any pass to the house, as well as an incredibly safe pair of hands then the Eagles suddenly look dangerous in the air again.

Brandon Williams to the Washington Redskins

This would be exactly what Redskins fans would want to hear with the current implosion going on with their roster. Kirk Cousins is unsettled, Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson and Chris Baker look to be on the way out. Williams is the top Run-Stuffer on the market this year, and if there was one single thing that stopped the Redskins taking the next step, it was their inability to defend the run at all last season. A Defensive Tackle set to be in the prime of his career and essentially a one man wrecking crew up the middle would transform the defence.

Alshon Jeffery to the Tennessee Titans

The Titans are just about ready to be a perennial contender, and landing possibly the top Free Agent out there would be a huge statement of intent. Marcus Mariota really came of age last season, and the RB tandem of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry was phenomenal; but what they’re missing is a true number 1 threat defences will have to gameplan for. Delanie Walker has been a revelation the last 2 season,a nd Rishard Matthews showed flashes last season, but Jeffery would take their passing attack to a whole new level.

Kevin Zietler to the Indianapolis Colts

Despite Andrew Luck’s massive contract, the Colts have rather a lot of cap space to work with and reclaim their AFC South title from the Houston Texans; and when you have a player of Luck’s standard you always have a chance. But you have to be able to keep him upright and give him the necessary time to make plays. Enter Kevin Zietler. The Colt’s O-Line has been so maligned lately that they need a veteran leader there to stabilise the unit and give them the chance to win games with their offence.

Image Credit: (Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune)

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