B-Marsh to the G-Men

B-Marsh to the G-Men

As a lot of NFL fans remain on tenterhooks with the new NFL year quickly creeping up on us, and not a lot of big news going around; the New York Giants made the first relatively big splash so far by signing Brandon Marshall to a 2 year, $12M contract. Following in Damon Harrison’s footsteps, changing his allegiances in New York from Green to Blue.

It’s been a priority for the Giants to get better of offence this off-season, after their defence carried them to the playoffs last year; and this instantly looks like an upgrade over Victor Cruz who was cut a few weeks ago. Although Marshall had a down year last season, and some of that was on him not making plays he has done in the past; but can you really blame him with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty throwing him the ball? He’s still a big body on the outside, and could complement Odell Beckham Jr. really well as Beckham’s game will be to racked up the Yards After Catch with Marshall being a a threat in the Red Zone for TD throwing up a high pass. I wouldn’t want to be the team deciding between double covering OBJ or Marshall on any given week.

The one concern about this could be, is Eli Manning still good enough to utilise his growing list of offensive weapons? As we saw last year that he had begun to decline slowly missing a lot of throws, and possibly checking down too early on some occasions (although some of it is down to McAdoo’s low risk playbook). But if Eli can rebound somewhat from a disappointing 2016, then the Giants offence might be able to at least get to a level where they can score enough points that the elite defence can win them games and get them back to the playoffs.

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