Front Office Football 8 Miami Dolphins Episode 3: Getting the ball rolling

Front Office Football 8 Miami Dolphins Episode 3: Getting the ball rolling

This is a challenge. And a big one. Never before have I been in charge of an NFL franchise in a simulation game. Yet here I am, trying to lead the Miami Dolphins to Super Bowl glory on Front Office Football Eight, a game I have never played before. This is going to be fun.


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Right. Let’s shake this roster up because I already feel like everyone is too complacent. Looking at the free agency market, I want to get better on defence. While I am aware we only put up three points against the Cowboys last week, I feel like that was due to our shitty game plan.

We have allowed 50 points in two games and that needs to stop, now. Undrafted rookie defensive end Terrell Anderle looks like he as a huge future and could possibly start this season. It will at least put pressure on Mario Williams, who I am already thinking about cutting come the end of the season on his contract.

A young QB catches my eye as well, Aiden Pries, though I hold off on him for now.

Now it is time to look at our defensive depth chart. I am worried that our coaches believe that Bucannon and Alonso should not be starters and keep going behind my back and altering my game plan.

Though it could just be I am not confirming the plan. So I lock in Bucannon, Alonso and Te’o and try and get a combination of two of the three in third and long situations as well as when we are expecting teams to run against us.

I also bring in Anderle for obvious running down and goal line defence.

On offence, I change the option which limits which plays I can call. One thing I enjoyed about FOF7 was I could pick whatever play I wanted and for the next two pre-season games, I tend to try as many plays as possible and work out what works and doesn’t. I really should have done that from the start but this is all new to me and I am learning from my mistakes.

We have the Falcons up next and I am expecting them to target Julio Jones whenever possible. If they beat us that way then fine, I can just about except that. But what I will not accept is getting demolished on the ground again. I understand the NFL is now a passing game but we are so bad against the run, we need to improve. If we can generate enough of a pass rush to hurry QBs, we can throw them off balance and force them into shit throws which we can pick off at will.

Preseason, Week 3: Atalanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins

I love it when a plan comes together. When all the game planning and roster building clicks into place. We stopped them from getting their ground game going and forced Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub to beat us through the air. And they couldn’t.

The game started slow, neither team being able to sustain a drive. Then the drop happened and I was ready to go lie down and think about my life. We had no first downs in the entire first quarter and I was preparing to pack up my belongings and quietly leave.

But with 13:15 left to play until half time, we got out first down. And five minutes later, Williams ran the ball into the endzone.

Things got a bit nervy when they scored two field goals to make it 7-6 but after the break I let Gase do his thing. Parker had an amazing game after Jarvis Landry left the game with an injury, coming up clutch in the second TD drive.

When Williams ran it in for his second TD of the day, I jumped up only to sit down when it got called back for a holding penalty.

However, we knuckled down and Stills caught a 17-yard pass to make it 14-6 midway through the 3rd quarter.

Chekwa snagged himself an INT a few plays later but we were unable to take advantage when the offence took the field.

Things got nervy in the 4th when Williams fumbled the ball but Parker recovered it and Cameron Wake and Te’o produced sacks on back-to-back plays late on to give us our first win in the pre-season and as well in the Simmonds era.


Front Office Football Eight is £22 on Steam

Kadeem Simmonds

Kadeem joined the team in 2016 and is currently the AFC Conference Editor, covering the AFC West division, as well as writing about Madden for the Gaming section. Though quite new to the NFL, after becoming acquainted with it through Madden, Kadeem has written features and articles on the sport for the Morning Star newspaper, where he is the current sports editor. He can be followed on Twitter @KadeemSimmonds.

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