NFC Draft 2017 1st Round Takes

NFC Draft 2017 1st Round Takes

The first round of the 2017 NFL draft started out raucously with the Commissioner Roger Goodell in WWE fashion, begging the Philadelphia crowd to boo him some more, and the night continued along the same dramatic theme most of the night with very few dull moments.

It will be difficult for many bad grades to be given to teams on the night as everyone appeared to get exactly what they want – the Chiefs and Texans got their quarterback of the future, Redskins, Colts and 49ers picked up potential stars who for one reason or another had fallen down teams boards, and the Browns continued to build a team for the future with 3 great pickups and another first round pick for 2018.

Even the Bears, who disappointed their own fans by giving up draft capital to move up one space and draft Mitchell Trubisky, despite spending a large amount of money on Mike Glennon have to be admired for knowing what they want and going all out to grab it.

A potential loser on the night may be the Falcons, who may have immediately regretted their decision to trade up for Takk McKinley who proceeded to lose it on stage ranting down the camera. This obviously means a lot to him and his family but Prime Time could see what we all saw when he encouraged the youngster to channel and use this passion in his game.

One question is bugging me however, on the face of it every team got what they wanted, but the rich getting richer is usually a theme of the draft night with the well run teams tending to be the wisest on the night. So why then, in a year where the amount of talent seems vast, did well-run teams like the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers joining the Rams and Vikings in not drafting in the first round?

For the Patriots it’s easy to see, they have gambled their draft capital in exchange for established players, looking to safe developmental time and maximise the final few years of Tom Brady.

The Seahawks, despite seemingly having drafted garbage in the later rounds in the last few years – such as Terry Poole, Chris Harper and Kevin Norwood – will always back themselves in scouting some of the league’s best up and coming lesser known youngsters. It would have been nice for the Seahawks to draft a quality offensive lineman to help Russell Wilson against the likes of Reddick, Foster and Thomas who joined the NFC West last night, but I am certain there is a snooker player who Tom Cable thinks he can convert into an offensive guard.

Homer disappointments aside, the Packers are potentially the most confusing, with trouble on defence last year they could use a new star, perhaps in the defensive backs. That said they haven’t traded down too far and draft first on day 2, many corners are available to them and they could even look at someone like Forrest Lamp to replace TJ Lang.

We will find out the answer to that when day 2 starts at midnight (UK) tonight, I’m hoping for more of the same drama!

Duncan Terry

Duncan covers the NFC West, as unbiased as possible for a Seahawks fan, promising “I just like good football”. He has been writing online for around four years for various publications enjoying Football, Cricket, Rugby League and anything else he can find on TV that weekend. Priding himself in being a realist when it comes to opinions on sport, you won’t catch him jumping on any pre-season bandwagons. Also a big fan of Fantasy sports, ask nicely and he will show you his 3 seasons in a row collection of winners medals. You can follow Duncan on Twitter at @DuncanJTerry.

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