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Great Britain Lions’ Roar Muted

In their quest to return from the World Championships with a medal, the Great Britain Lions came up short. Mexico took the bronze medal with a 19-8 victory as the South American team found the offense to overcome a stout GB defense that kept their team in the game until the third quarter.

Mexico led 13-0 after scoring a touchdown in the first and second periods before Ruth Matta’s end around put GB’s first points on the board with quarterback Jo Kilby adding a 2-point after attempt.

Great Britain’s offense was hindered through lack of an air attack that could have provided the variety in a game plan required at this level. Matta ran valiantly and deserved her MVP award, but pass attempts were few and unproductive. Maybe injuries played a part in the play calling.

Mexico wrapped up the scoring in the third period to take the bronze medal. Team GB came away in fourth place and the experience would have inspired the players onto a higher level of play with the future for our ladies game looking good.

The gold medal game was a repeat of the previous two finals between the United States and Canada with the same result – a USA win. The highlight for Canada was scoring on their opponents who had protected a streak of shutouts going back to the inception of the competition.

The supremacy of the USA in their 41-16 victory cannot be overstated. Although realistically that should be expected, they showed they can pass, they can run, they can roll over defenders, they can play defense and they can play the full 48 minutes (each game is played over 4 quarters of 12 minutes duration).

The essence of football is the passing game and it doesn’t matter what level of play, whether it’s male or female, and this USA team can throw on any down and any distance with success. That’s the way forward for Great Britain to make the team more competitive. Focus on the passing game.

BAFA National League update

Most of the unbeaten teams that played on Sunday continued to extend their streaks. The Sussex Thunder’s expected triumph over the Solent Thrashers saw them go 8-0 on the season and take the SFC 1 Central title. Leading 28-0 at the half, Sussex finished with a 35-9 victory to seal the #1 seed and home field advantage in the playoffs.

The Gateshead Senators’ 20-7 triumph over the Walney Terriers moved them to 7-0 which saw them join the Leeds Bobcats at the top of the NFC 2 Central. The teams meet on the final week of the season in Leeds and that might be the match up that decides the division championship.

The Shropshire Revolution shut out the second placed Staffordshire Surge 53-0 to cement their position at the top of the NFC 2 South.

In the NFC 1 North, the Manchester Titans never recovered from falling behind early to the Yorkshire Rams and failed to maintain their winning ways. After being 20-6 down at the half, the Titans fought back but the Rams came out on top 20-14.

In the Premiership South, the winless Farnham Knights scored against the Bristol Aztecs on the game’s first play from scrimmage, but that was it for the day as the Aztecs then racked up seven touchdowns to take a 46-6 win.

The game in the Premiership North between the Tamworth Phoenix and the Lancashire Wolverines appears to have been abandoned at half time with Tamworth leading 42-7 to remain undefeated.

In the same division, the Merseyside Nighthawks fought a hard contest against the Sheffield Giants. After falling behind early, the Nighthawks battled back to take a 28-17 lead, but Sheffield showed their steel by edging ahead before, on the last play of the game, Merseyside kicked a field goal for a 38-37 victory.




Photo tweeted by the Pittsburgh Passion’s defensive co-ordinator Stephanie Balochko before the gold medal game.

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