Getting ready for your draft

Getting ready for your draft

So you have the time and date set for the big day. There are a few things that you really need to focus on in making sure you are ready. Some of them are really obvious- others not as much;

  1. How does your league score?

This sounds obvious but you really need to know how you can score points in your league.

Knowing this is the first step in valuing players in your draft- if a league scores in PPR then a player like Larry Fitzgerald increases his value with his 108 receptions last year versus a player who catches far less but goes the distance/ converts more in TDs (eg Davante Adams)

  1. How does your starting team lineup?

Again, this is somewhat obvious if your league starts 2 QBs, then that places higher value on the value of Quarterbacks in a league like that against a ‘normal’ league. Likewise if you have a deeper bench that means you can take more swings for the fences, in picking up players that are going to be sat there for a while before they become effective options.

  1. How are you drafting?

Are your league drafting in person? Online? If you are drafting in person, then you need to make sure you have the information you need available to (be that printing out a cheatsheet, favouriting the web pages that you want to use). If you are drafting online making sure you are familiar with the website that you are drafting on, and making sure you log on with plenty of time!! You don’t want to be franticly clicking to enter the draft room with minutes to spare!

  1. Research!

Look at where players are being drafted- so you don’t reach on a player too early. Fortunately there are loads of places you can see where a player is normally going, just bear in mind that normally you will find an AVERAGE position- so think about that, especially in the mid rounds where the talent is more closely ranked.

  1. Have fun

However you draft you should enjoy it- fantasy football is great if you win, but that doesn’t mean that you will not enjoy it if you lose.

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