American football fans forced to watch a whole American football game

American football fans forced to watch a whole American football game

UK viewers were left apoplectic with rage Sunday night when they were forced to watch a full game of American football to escape reality TV on the terrestrial channels, instead of their usual habit of consuming 6 straight hours of wide receivers catching touchdowns.

Due to Sky preferring to schedule a mainstream sport in the UK on their free promotional channel instead of niche programming that averages around 40,000 every Sunday on Sky Sports Mix, NFL fans were left with no alternative other than to take to social media to lambast the decision to not broadcast Red Zone in between falling asleep in front an entire game involving two of the NFL’s top five teams this season.

NFL fan of three years, David Stock from Bolton, complained ‘It’s so boring watching the same two teams for hours, interspersed with adverts and analysis. I never realised how miserable this sport was. Who wants to see three yard runs, sacks on first down and incompletions? I didn’t even know ‘incompletions’ was a thing!’

‘Sure Red Zone was still available on the red button but I didn’t spend £500 on my 4K Ready TV to have any less than 1080 horizontal lines grace it. And I certainly wasn’t going to part with £3 for a week’s access to it on those charlatans at GamePass.’

The NFC clash between two likely strong playoff teams didn’t cut it for many fans. ‘The game didn’t even come down to the final possession. It was already over by 17 points. You call that entertainment?’ groaned Stock.

Sharon Durden from Glasgow expanded further ‘I only ever watch live games if my team (that I’ve attached myself to from 3000 miles away) is playing. Otherwise it’s Red Zone for me. Tracking my fantasy team is the most important thing on a Sunday night. I don’t have time in my life to want to understand anything more than why I left a 20 point running back on my bench.’

There were however some positives as the tennis overran, allowing viewers to gain some insights and learnings of the game they don’t normally get with Red Zone, ‘I even found out about some positions I didn’t know existed,’ exclaimed Billy Teale who owns six fantasy teams and three different Odell Beckham jr jerseys. ‘Apparently there’s this thing called a ‘Guard’ who, bless them, never score touchdowns. And something else, if I can remember what it was called… a Line-hacker?’

Ian Whitworth of Dunstable was one of the thousands of frustrated fans left bewildered last night and hopes never to have to endure another night like Sunday, ‘For the last 27 weeks of regular NFL season action I have come to expect Red Zone being given to me for free by Sky as a human right, in the same way I should have access to clean running water and free speech. Now they take it away to show some ‘tennis from the O2′ and all I’m left with is choosing between watching fair catch punts and Louis Walsh! It’s like the anti-Sophie’s Choice!’

Sky Sports were unavailable for comment.

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