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Packers nightmares almost turn to dreams

Spending Sunday night following RedZone is a lot of fun and as a new father who isn’t able to devote his Sunday night to following one game intimately it is also the only way to get my football fix this season. What makes it even better is that I also follow a lot of NFL fans on twitter who tend to be watching their team and tweeting about it. So while I had very little clue as to actually what was going on in Green Bay minute to minute I was still living the game through a couple of their fans and boy was it an enjoyable follow for a neutral.

Green Bay started the day 5-6 and in 6th place in the wildcard race with a game in hand over Dallas (5th in the wildcard race). They have also been teased with glimpses of Aaron Rodgers and news of him practising Saturday paved a way for his potential return in week 15. However, to make it worth Rodgers risking his body they could do with some things happening Sunday:

  1. Ravens to beat the Lions (6-5, 4th)
  2. Eagles to beat the Seahawks (7-4 3rd)
  3. Vikings to beat the Falcons (7-4, 2nd)
  4. Saints to beat the Panthers (8-3, 1st) – Technically it didn’t matter who won as they were both 8-3 but the Saints are by far the better team so really them winning would be a bonus for the Packers.

Of course for any of it to matter they needed to beat a pretty poor Tampa Bay Buccaneers side (4-7) who have struggled a lot this year. It should have been simple for a team who nearly upset one of the best AFC teams last week in Sunday night football but man did they make their fans sweat.

Here are a few of the tweets from one particular Packers fan on Sunday night:

  • ‘Packers are just awful’ – 1st Quarter
  • ‘Having to watch Hundley and Hornibrook back to back days this year has been horrible.’ – Q1
  • ‘What is Hundley doing???’ – Q3
  • ‘Season on the line here. We are pretty crap. No (sic) confident at all.’ – Q4
  • ‘That is terrible MM. Shocking.’ – Q4

In the other games going on at the time it all looked positive. The Ravens jumped up early on the Lions and the Vikings were showing signs of slowing the Falcons offence even if they weren’t winning comfortably.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin Jameis Winston did something that we haven’t seen much of this year and got the Bucs rolling to make it 7-0. Green Bay managed to respond with three points but midway through the second quarter Brett Hundley threw an interception deep down the field (his 8th of the season) to give the Bucs the ball near half way.

At this point the Green Bay special teams managed to block a Bryan Anger punt and the offence ran the ball four times to take a 10-7 lead. Winston once again got the TB offence rolling only for him to, on first down at the GB 30, panic as he was being sacked and try to throw the ball as he was falling.

This guest piece was written by Ben Rolfe. Ben is a New England Patriots fan and can be found on Twitter at @BenRolfe15.

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