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NFL UK legends carve Vince Lombardi Ice Sculpture ahead of Super Bowl LII

This year’s Super Bowl 52, the climax of the NFL season, takes place in Minneapolis between New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

With ground temperature predicted to hit -14 degrees Celsius, it’ll be one of the coldest Super Bowls, and one of the coldest sporting finals, in history.

To mark the occasion, two-time Super Bowl winner Osi Umenyiora and fellow former NFL player Jason Bell helped sculpt a one-of-a-kind trophy to mark the ice-cold occasion.

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Liz has covered the NFL for five seasons, and currently serves as Managing Editor for Ninety-Nine Yards and for her own website, NFLGirlUK.com. Since launching the website in 2014, she has made regular appearances on the TalkSport2 ‘All American Sports Show’ with Nat Coombs and in 2016 was ranked No.37 (of 400+) in the “Super Bowl: Top 50 UK Influencers” by marketing software producers Analytica for “igniting conversations” between fans.

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