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Gase thrilled to have his QB back in 2018

Find you a partner that talks about you to others the way Adam Gase talks about Ryan Tannehill.

The love and appreciation the head coach has for his starting quarterback is amazing. When addressing media in Indy for the 2018 NFL Combine, Gase once again put to bed suggestions that the Dolphins will start anyone other than RT17 at QB in 2018.

“Ryan is going to be our starting quarterback, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon,” Gase said at the scouting combine. “I think that when we get back out there in spring and get going, I just know it’s going to be really good to have him back.”

Tannehill hasn’t played a snap since then=Arizona Cardinal Calais Campbell took him out at the knees. This was December 2016.

Tannehill re-injured his ACL last August in training camp, leading the team to quickly bring in Jay Cutler. That was an absolute disaster.

Gase admitted that the team appreciated Ryan’s skill even more while he was out, not surprising given how lacklustre the offence was under Cutler and Matt Moore.

“I’m extremely excited [to have him back],” Gase said. “I know really our entire roster is. The guys that I talk to at the end of the year, everybody appreciated what he brought to the table in years past.

“Sometimes you lose perspective of what somebody does for your team and what he did for us in 2016 when we lost him and going through an entire season without having him.

“I think the appreciation for him, not only for the coaching staff but other players is very high.”

On Tannehill’s progression from the injury, Gase was extremely positive, making sure to tell those listening that the QB is a “physical freak.”

“Well, as far as what the trainers and doctors have told me, everything has progressed extremely well,” Gase said. “He’s always going to be ahead of where he’s supposed to be. He’s a physical freak and we’ll just kind of play this one as the week goes on, throughout the offseason.

“Really for me, I won’t personally know until we get into those stages to where we can be out at practice, throwing. All I can do is hear things are going good, he’s moving around well, he’s able to do what he needs to do to play quarterback.”

However, Gase did say that the team would look at drafting a quarterback this year. In fact, if it were up to Gase, they would draft one every year.

“I’d love to draft a quarterback every year. It doesn’t always work out that way. We’ll see how the board falls for us.

“That first year, we felt like Brandon (Doughty) was a guy that there was a lot of us were very interested to see what we could do with him, and he had a lot of success in college.

“We’re still working through things to try to help him get better and we’ll see how this year goes. It’s hard to predict.”

Should they bring in someone to compete with Tannehill, more likely to back him up given Moore’s age and level of competence, Gase said that the 29-year-old would be fine with it.

“Ryan would never shy away from anybody coming in at that position,” Gase said. “Ryan is going to be our starting quarterback. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon. And I think that when we get back out there in spring and get going, I just know it’s going to be really good to have him back.”

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