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Combining for success – CFL style.

It’s fair to say that UK-based american football fans have a pretty clear understanding of how the combine works. We can discuss bench pressing, vertical and broad jumps, shuttle, 3 cone drills and the rest with the best of them.

When a UK-based fan discusses combines though, there won’t be many thinking about it from a CFL perspective. Well the CFL combine isn’t so different from what we are used to seeing from the NFL. The same things tend to be being measured when it comes to athletic ability after all.

The CFL Combine is a three-day program in which athletes from Canadian universities and Canadians in the NCAA are scouted by general managers, coaches and scouts from the CFL. Last year’s combine was hosted in Regina, Saskatchewan and the league announced it would start rotating where it was held. This year it is in Winnipeg.

This will be the sixth year in a row that the CFL will have three regional combines ahead of the CFL Combine. Over that time there have been regional combines in Montreal, Toronto and Western Canada in the week running up to the national combine. The regional combines provide a wider range of athletes with the opportunity to be evaluated by CFL personnel. Players are then selected from these combines to participate in the National Combine to compete with athletes already invited there.

The regional events start on Wednesday, March 7 in Montreal. Following the Eastern Regional Combine in Montreal, Toronto will host the Ontario Regional Combine on March 9 and Winnipeg will host the Western Regional Combine on March 22.

The CFL Combine in Winnipeg will feature as part of this year’s CFL week, (we discussed the 2017 version here: , when prospects will be competing in front of CFL coaches, general managers and player personnel on March 24-25.

For those interested in looking at the CFL combine, will be continuous live streaming some of the events including the Bench Press, 40-Yard Dash and 1-on-1 player drills.

If you love the game of american football. If you are interested in seeing how a different set of athletes perform to the ones you are expecting at the NFL combine and if you are looking for a gateway into the CFL world then this may well be worth a look.



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