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BAFA Sapphire Series Playoffs Update


The winter blast that hit the United Kingdom last week took its toll on BritBall with the Sapphire Series tournaments scheduled for Saturday cancelled. With only one more weekend before the finals to be played March 17, BAFA decided the seeding would be formulated from the current standings.

The three divisions will play their games at different venues with each having an unbeaten team ranked number one. The (6-0) Birmingham Lions in division one will be joined by the (4-0) Portsmouth Dreadnoughts in division 2A while in division 2B the (4-0) Kent Exiles will carry the top seed.

The Lions will be looking to add a fifth National Championship, but the Leeds Chargers and the London Warriors will be hoping to reverse the defeats they experienced against Birmingham during previous tournaments this year to prevent another Lions triumph.

Portsmouth will be hoping their season doesn’t finish as it did last season when their only loss was in the final against the Wembley Stallions. The Sandwell Steelers win over Wembley during tournament 2 put them in the semi-final where they might find themselves facing the Stallions again if Wembley overcome the Teesside Steelers.

The Kent Exiles edged the Oxford Saints 30-26 during tournament 2 and everything points to the same two teams meeting in the division 2B final.

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