Celebrating the girls of the game


Premiership North

Tamworth Phoenix – BritBowl National Champions
Manchester Titans – Division 1 Champions*
Merseyside Nighthawks
East Kilbride Pirates
Edinburgh Wolves
Sheffield Giants

Premiership South

London Blitz
London Warriors
Bristol Aztecs
Bury Saints
Farnham Knights
London Olympians *

NFC 1 North

Yorkshire Rams
Lancashire Wolverines
Northumberland Vikings +
Glasgow Tigers *
Leeds Bobcats *
Gateshead Senators *

NFC 1 South

Leicester Falcons
Sandwell Steelers
Nottingham Caesars
Doncaster Mustangs
Coventry Jets
Shropshire Revolution – Division 2 North champions*

SFC 1 Central

Sussex Thunder
Solent Thrashers
Oxford Saints
Ouse Valley Eagles
Berkshire Renegades – Division 2 South Champions*
Bristol Apache *

SFC 1 East

Kent Exiles
London Hornets
Cambridgeshire Cats
Colchester Gladiators
East Kent Mavericks
Wembley Stallions *

NFC 2 North

West Coast Trojans
Aberdeen Roughnecks
Clyde Valley Blackhawks
Dumfries Hunters

NFC 2 Central

Morecambe Bay Storm
Chester Romans
Halton Spartans
Furness Phantoms ^
Carlisle Sentinels

NFC 2 South

Birmingham Bulls
Staffordshire Surge
Lincolnshire Bombers
Crewe Railroaders
Humber Warhawks
Knottingley Raiders

SFC 2 West

South Wales Warriors
Cornish Sharks
Torbay Trojans
Worcestershire Black Knights
Jurassic Coast Raptors
Somerset Wyverns

SFC 2 South

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts
Hertfordshire Cheetahs
Swindon Storm
Bournemouth Bobcats
Hastings Conquerors

SFC 2 East

Essex Spartans
London Blitz B
East Essex Sabres
Maidstone Pumas
Ipswich Cardinals
Norwich Devils

* denotes promoted team
+ Newcastle Vikings and Northumberland Lightning merged
^ previously the Walney Terriers

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