First Round Quarterbacks Reviewed

First Round Quarterbacks Reviewed

Your NFLGirlUK writers have been working hard this draft season, and we bring you a review of all 5 of the top quarterback in this 2018 Draft, So without further ado…


Sam Darnold – by Shona Duthie (@shonaduthie4)

Many believe they look no further than Sam Darnold to be the pick in the NFL draft and what makes him so good is probably the main reason why. He is rated as the “most complete QB” in this year’s draft having completed just
two seasons as USC’s quarter-back.

His accurate arm in passes has got him noticed by the NFL scouts as well has his hard to fluster attitude and his commanding presence. The Cleveland Browns are rumoured to be taking Darnold whether that be in the first overall pick or three spots later, he could be swapping the OC for another type of orange. He has faced some criticism in terms of how he takes care of the football, his ball handling. During 2017 Darnold has 22 turnovers, 13 interceptions and nine lost fumbles. However, according to ESPN, he led the Football Bowl Subdivision with 1,138 passing yards under duress and completed 50.4. percent of his passes in similar circumstances last season.

It is hard to not to see why this USC fan now turned Trojan QB will not be one of the top picks in the draft come Thursday. One stigma he may have to shake off in the NFL is no former USC quarterback has started a Super Bowl.
The most successful of these was Carson Palmer who managed one play-off win in his 13th season with the Arizona Cardinals despite being the No.1 Overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003. But you cannot say Carson’s career was a complete flop. When he retired in January he had finished with 46,247 passing yards and 249 touchdowns.
This hoodoo could be merely water off of a duck’s back to Darnold.

Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer has said “there is no way Sam is not successful”. “I really think Sam is a transformational talent, I felt this way about Andrew Luck. I see no way this kid is not massively successful in the NFL.” Being compared to Luck might be a massive step, and can anyone really compare anybody to Luck? But Darnold has many fans in his camp. The hype for him has merely just begun considering he is still a third-year
sophomore. If he manages to get rid of his bad habits he will be a special player. It will fascinating to see where this talented football player gets picked in the draft this weekend.

Lamar Jackson by George Somerville (@geosomerville)

12 months ago Lamar Jackson was on top of the College Football world, a runaway Heisman winner on the back of a truly excellent season. So why now a week before the Draft is LJ not where Darnold, Allen or even Rosen are touted to be? Welcome to the fickle world of NFL scouting.

He is not the pocket passer NFL GM’s crave. Jackson has been compared to Deshaun Watson, someone who plays out of the pocket and uses his speed to make plays. In some ways that is true. Jackson is a phenomenal athlete, although he does not fit the archetypal QB1 mold. But then neither does Rosen and certainly neither does Mayfield. I think the comparison to Watson is too easy. The way LJ plays is more like a Mike Vick or even Russell Wilson. And the key to their success? Right system, right coach.

Now let’s be honest if any of these teams at the top of the draft thought they were getting a Russell Wilson, would LJ be getting picked as the 5th best QB in the draft? No, didn’t think so.

Baker Mayfield by Johnny Cumbleton (@cumbleton)

Need a quarterback? Look no further than the 2017 Heisman Trophy winner, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield. Let’s start with the fact that he’s a winner with attitude. I want my quarterback to fire up my team, Mayfield does this and his teammates rally behind him. Motivating others by his play on the field is what sets him apart as the class of the draft class. In fact ESPN’s College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit said“I don’t know if I’ve seen a player where the defense, the coaches, the entire offense feed off his energy… Watch how he wills his team.”

Mayfield is, for my money, the most accurate quarterback in this draft and can make all the throws whilst rarely turning the ball over. This was demonstrated in his 43 touchdowns and only 6 touchdowns in 2017. Looking deeper he completed 70.5% of his passes on the way to 4627 yards.

He’s mobile. In the NFL, even with the best lines, quarterbacks will face pressure. Mayfield can make things happen on the run, moving out of the pocket to buy time for receivers to get open or taking off to pick up yards when nothing’s open.

Josh Allen by Ben Rolfe (benrolfe15)

Josh Allen is an extremely interesting draft prospect. The 21 year old junior quarterback out of Wyoming has divided opinion in the NFL world. If you were to look at his stats from the last two years it would boggle your mind as to why he is a potential number one overall pick. In those two years Allen has completed just 56.2% of his passes and has thrown 21 interceptions. He has thrown for 5,066 yards on 649 attempts with 44 touchdowns but those numbers still do not match up to the other prospects. However, those stats do not tell the full story about Allen.

Allen has a cannon for an arm and has an ability to throw the ball to all parts of the field. This has drawn a lot of comparisons to Brett Favre. It is safe to say that you cannot teach someone to throw as far as Allen and that is what a lot of people see and fall in love with. What you can teach someone is timing and how to make easy throws when they are available. Allen’s arm power will allow him to fit the ball into extremely tight windows that quarterbacks with lesser arms could not. Yes there will be growing pains. Getting him to use short routes won’t come naturally to a player who ranks first in this draft class in percentage of passing yards through the air, i.e. not including runs after the catch. Whoever, picks Allen will likely need to give him at least one, if not two, redshirt season in order to get him thinking and throwing like an NFL quarterback. However, that patience could pay off in the biggest way. An offence with Allen will be able to stretch the field every play and defences will have to respect that he can beat them deep on any given play. If he can develop the short passing game then Allen has the tools to be a tremendous quarterback in the NFL for many seasons but only if the team drafting him is patient and allows him to develop. I cannot wait to see this kid play in pre-season this year just to see how he fits into an NFL offence. He could easily be a bust if he is not handled right but the upside on drafting Allen is so enormous you can see why teams are willing to take the risk.

Josh Rosen by Duncan Terry (@duncanjterry)

I’m roughly 50/50 in recent history in picking out rookies that I like pre draft, Andre Peat and Tyler Lockett have turned out quite nicely and Todd Gurley while an easy one has been worldly. Less so Bryce Petty and Laken Tomlinson, but I still hold out hope for Ryan Switzer.

This year one of ‘my guys’ is Josh Rosen. Ever since he took over as a freshman from Brett Huntley at UCLA he has looked like a pro in waiting, and it’s mainly for this reason that I believe he is the number one quarterback in the draft. Allen may have a cannon, Darnold might have a higher ceiling, and Mayfield is a “winner”, but out of all of those factors none give me the satisfaction of any certainty.

As a rookie neither does Rosen, anyone can be a bust. The knocks on Rosen would be his lack of movement leading to more sacks than he needs to take, and potential personality issues, but give me someone deemed too outspoken yet intelligent over a Johnny Football any day.

Overall he is the ideal pocket passer, with great footwork and a stunning delivery, at his height he reminds me of Aaron Rodgers, with great style and vision, and I will take that over a class of players that need some form of training up any day.




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Duncan Terry

Duncan covers the NFC West, as unbiased as possible for a Seahawks fan, promising “I just like good football”. He has been writing online for around four years for various publications enjoying Football, Cricket, Rugby League and anything else he can find on TV that weekend. Priding himself in being a realist when it comes to opinions on sport, you won’t catch him jumping on any pre-season bandwagons. Also a big fan of Fantasy sports, ask nicely and he will show you his 3 seasons in a row collection of winners medals. You can follow Duncan on Twitter at @DuncanJTerry.

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